London: Serpentine Gallery Summer Pavilion

This is where Architecture and Art meet every summer in London. The most famous garden in London opens its doors to greet it visitors with a special architectural intervention in the garden of its also special Serpentine Galleries.

2015 Summer Pavilion at Serpentine Gallery

2015 Summer Pavilion at Serpentine Gallery

Occupying a space in front of the Serpentine Gallery in London’s Kensington Gardens, the temporary pavilion is envisioned as a series of connected spaces of different shapes and sizes.

2015 Summer Pavilion at Serpentine Gallery

2015 Summer Pavilion at Serpentine Gallery

An impressive spatial experience offered by the “secret corridors”.Visitors can enter the pavilion through various openings. Some comprise large arched corridors, while others are more discreet, the structure consists of four arms, which branch off from a central area housing a bar and meeting space.


2015 Summer Pavilion at Serpentine Gallery

SelgasCano’s designs for the 2015 Serpentine Pavilion in London, revealing a brightly-colored structure for some considered a ‘trash bag monster’ for Coveted team – we give our thumbs up. This periscope structure is just the touch of colour the city needed to bright up our Summer.


The Serpentine Galleries are two contemporary art galleries in Kensington Gardens, Hyde Park, Central London. Comprising the Serpentine Gallery and the Serpentine Sackler Gallery, they are within five minutes’ walk of each other, linked by the bridge over the Serpentine Lake from which the galleries get their names. Their exhibitions, architecture, education and public programmes attract up to 1.2 million visitors a year. Admission to both galleries is free.

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