iSaloni 2017 – Preview of Clan Milano’s Unparalleled Flair

Clan Milano is a stylish and dynamic company led by Marco Agostoni who founded the design company in 2015. Since its debut, Clan Milano in collaboration with Alessandro La Spada reveals a deep knowledge of materials and craftsmanship, leading it to showcase its outstanding design pieces for the third consecutive time at iSaloni. For iSaloni 2017 edition, Clan Milano and Alessandro La Spada will present a set of new products which will be disclosed to you throughout this article!

Clan Milano 1

iSaloni 2017

“The brand features a unique and original attitude that focuses on stylistic influences, functionality and aesthetic beauty at the same time.
The new pieces include inspirations from the Seventies, Baroque sways, unusual material contrasts, singular shapes and alternative tactile surfaces. All designed to create eclectic and striking furniture of unparalleled flair,” said Marco Agostoni, President of Clan Milano.

iSaloni 2017


Clan Milano iSaloni 2017 1

Bella Mesa is a monumental desk which features an exquisite top made of Port Black marble that is supported by a beehive-like aluminium structure. The burly legs are obtained from cutting single slabs at a 45-degree angle. The internal side of the legs and ferrule feature a mirror polished steel. Drawers present on the outside impressive marble panels whilst satin lacquered wood typifies the inner structure.


Maya collection includes cozy chairs, comfortable armchairs and puffy ottomans available in different fabrics and colors. To design these items, Alessandro La Spada drew inspiration from the step structure of the Maya pyramids, originally built in the Central America.

Maya Clan

Maya pouf

The luxurious Maya seat features a stepped silhouette on the backrest and a sophisticated structure. On the external side, it has beautiful embossed decorations following the fragmented line of the contour. The rear legs are slightly bent downwards.



The armchair Salvador offers a comfortable padded low-seat covered in sumptuous velvet with metallic laminate. Feather-motif enriches the squat carved legs which are made of cast aluminium.

Salvador Clan Milano

Salvador Clan Milano

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