Fuorisalone 2018: The Best of the Best in Brera Design District

Fuorisalone 2018: The Best of the Best in Brera Design District – We are one step closer from the opening day of the prestigious Milan Design Week! As you probably should know by now, the Milan Design Week or Fuorisalone is one of the most imperative celebrations to attend, if not the most important, due to its innovative and diverse range of events and exhibitions. Today, CovetED we’ll be focusing again on the prestigious extraordinary Brera Design District. So join us in another virtual trip to this stunning Design District.


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From 17-22 April, the Brera Design District will be one of the places to be if you love design, art and parties! Brera Design  is one of the most important districts in Italy for the promotion of design, the latter of which is one of the most creative and commercial focal points in the country. The district aims to support excellence and to develop business and real estate in the area, enhancing the district’s cultural supply and appeal as well as fusing tradition and innovation in the all-encompassing field of design.

The Best of Milan Design Week 2018


Brera Design District Is the Centre of Milan’s Creative Development 1

Brera Design District © Anna Maggiolini

Located in the historic centre of Milan, Brera has always been an area with focus on commercial, artistic and cultural development. The district embraces some of the city’s most prestigious historic buildings as well as more than 80 permanent design stores, artisans’ workshops, art galleries, shops, museums, the Accademia delle Belle Arti, the Pinacoteca, the scale, and various others cultural and art centres. For all of these reasons and others, Brera Design District is regarded as one of the most elegant and visited quarters in the city, becoming the idyllic stage to support and celebrate the many shapes and forms of art and design.

Brera Design District Is the Centre of Milan’s Creative Development 4

Brera Design District © Mattia Vacca

More than 200 exhibitors are expected to present their new projects and ideas to a design perceptive and culturally oriented public. These showcases will be enhanced by the artsy nature and surroundings of the district, especially the narrow and cobbled streets that encompass a wide range of antique shops, showrooms and galleries.


Milan Design Week 2018 Presents the Mysterious Reverse Room. To see more news about luxury brands, subscribe our newsletter right now! #milandesignweek2018 #reverseroom #foscarini #breradesignweek #breradesigndistrict #jameswines #luxurylighting #luxurybrands #topdesignerbrands

We highlight the Reverse Room, an installation created by Foscarini and architect James Wines, together with his daughter Susan Wines. At Foscarini Spazio Brera, in a room with dark walls, upside-down and obliquely tilted, furnished by monochrome tables and chairs, the table lamps peer down from the ceiling, while the hanging fixtures sprout from the floor with the aim of challenging our perception of spaces and our responses to environmental stimuli and conventions. It will be a magical and special journey through the world of design in this installation.

BassamFellows Brings Craftsmanship to the Brera Design District. To see more news about design brands, subscribe our newsletter right now! #breradesigndistrict #bassamfellows #craftsmanship #luxurybrands #topdesignerbrands #milandesignweek #geigerinternational #bassamfellowstractorstool

We can also highlight the exhibit of BassamFellows, a design company dedicated to returning true craftsmanship and beauty to contemporary living. They will be showcasing two new Signature Chairs and examples of their textile designs for Geiger International in their gallery in the Brera Design District, namely located at Via Varese, 14, 20121 Milano.

Associative Design Showcases The Best of Portugal at Milan Design Week. To see more news about Portuguese brands, subscribe our newsletter right now! #milandesignweek #milandesignweek2018 #associativedesign #thebestofportugal #saloneinternazionaledelmobile #fuorisalone #luxurybrands

The project Associative Design will showcase “The Best of Portugal” in the Brera Design District. Originated by AIMMP, the Portuguese Association of Wood and Furniture Industries, Associative Design promotes Portuguese brands and products globally. The showcase will be present in the District and will feature an expertly curated mix of contemporary and luxury Portuguese design and innovation, including furniture, lighting and objets d’art. The exhibition incorporates new designs from luxury furniture brand Duquesa & Malvada and a fresh home collection from Granorte, a leading sustainable cork flooring manufacturer. Serip Lighting will display new lighting designs and recent newcomer OIA will present its Kandinsky side tables.

Brera Design District Is the Centre of Milan’s Creative Development 6

Dimore Gallery © Vito Salamone

The Brera Design District will also feature a Special Exhibition dedicated to Brazilian Design. At the Brazilian Pavilion at Via Maroncelli 14/ Spazio Edit Milan there will several conferences, meetings and exhibitions about Brazilian Design, namely the Brazilian Design, from Modernism to Today expo.

Brera Design District Is the Centre of Milan’s Creative Development 5

COS x Studio Swine © Erika Sambusida

For a more visual show, we recommend the TRANSITIONS by Panasonic Design, an all week long event that celebrates Panasonic’s 100-year anniversary with a landmark installation and a series of panel discussions exploring the future of design. The immersive installation “Air Inventions” is visually designing the invisible air in a huge “water-drop pavilion” in the courtyard of the Pinacoteca de Brera, home of the Brera Academy of Fine Arts. The installation showcases Panasonic’s latest air-conditioning technology, allowing visitors to experience the cleanest, purest air in Milan.



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