CR7: Cristiano Ronaldo Mansion in Madrid.

Cristiano Ronaldo has a Mansion on one of Madrid’s most exclusive neighborhoods. Are you curious to see the house of Real Madrid Superstar known as CR7? Here it is, a guided tour made by the Portuguese and European Champion to his luxury home in Madrid.

Cristiano Ronaldo: guided tour to his house.

Cristiano Ronaldo: guided tour to his house.


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CR7 show to everyone how it is his daily life. The house has many resources but Cristiano Ronaldo gives also his advice of a healthier life. The Spa, the sauna, the pool, the jacuzzi, the pool are several spots where he can relax and be with the family and friends.

Cristiano Ronaldo: guided tour to his house.

Cristiano Ronaldo: guided tour to his house.

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We will see some short vídeos of the guided tour that CR7 did it to Unscriptd last Christmas. All the vídeo and pictures used in our article are courtesy of Unscriptd. We can see a Christmas atmosphere, the close relationship between CR7 and his son and we can find more about the person he is and what he keeps in his mansion, like the dog he loves because it is always quiet.

In this short video, we can find some of his secrets and learn how to sleep, to rest and the diet you make can allow you to be closer to an excellent shape. We can see his room, that is where he says he keeps most of his time, nearly half a day. To be always resting is one of the secrets to making great performances. He has his chefs to give him the delicious meals properly cooked to stay in the best shape all the season.

In a Christmas atmosphere, near of Christmas Trees, CR7 wishes us all a Merry Christmas.

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