BOFFI: Latest De Padova collections at London Design Festival

BOFFI: Latest De Padova collections at London Design Festival

August 18, 2016

Following the successful merge with Boffi in 2015 and the UK launch within the two London’s Boffi showrooms, the iconic Italian furniture brand De Padova presents the latest 2016 itens. Check out some of the hightlights of the latest De Padova collections during London Design Festival.

de padova collections during london design festival

De Padova Firefly

Boffi’s showroom (UK) is a place where architects, designers and final clients could get some inspiration to their projects, seeing contemporary kitchens, bathrooms and storage systems for which Boffi is well known. To give then a plus, De Padova collections provide timeless inspiration from great design classics to contemporary pieces, specialising in furniture and furnishings for the home.

The curated 2016 selection features new De Padova pieces including the SC16 cabinet. Not only does this cabinet offer generous and capacious measures, the volume and the surface show the merits and value of the finishes (natural oak with knots, fossil oak and walnut) – the perfect mix of craftsmanship and natural beauty, making it impossible to find two of the same kind.

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de padova collections during london design festival

De Padova Leather Long Chair LL04 and Low Chair LC03 in black leather

The Leather Long Chair LL04, designed by Maarten Van Severen, combines optimisation and old Scandinavian functionality, in this linear design. Its dry minimalism not only satisfies the sight, but also welcomes the body organically. The touch is made pleasant and precious thanks to the quality of the materials used and detailing of the hand stitching.

Maarten Van Severen and Fabian Schwaerzler designed the Low Chair LC03, offering a unique and punctual comfort. The structure and upholstery are available in fabric or leather, making the design practical and long-lasting.

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Mogura, meaning mole in Japanese, is a collection of light fittings designed by Nendo. The oblique light bulb creates a thread-like graphic line reminding a tunnel that the rodent digs in the ground. The pendant light can also be placed on the floor, subverting the apparent similarity to a birdcage.

de padova collections during london design festival

De Padova Mogura lights


Kensaku Oshiro’s collection of Sen tables provides a beautiful geometric aesthetic, as well as different heights and sizes. Its versatility continues through to the finishes, available in marble, oak and even nanotechnology with soft touch treatment making the design even more contemporary and unique. Sen collection is easily adapted to many living spaces, from private spaces, as well as public spaces and lounge areas.

de padova collections during london design festival

De Padova SC16 in walnut and natural oak with knots finishes


de padova collections during london design festival

De Padova Sen table collection

A take on the classic picnic thermos, Alexander Åhnebrink’s Firefly nomadic styled lamp is equipped with a USB charging port, which can be brought anywhere to light up indoors and outdoors. The basket is made of natural leather adding a retro touch to the lamp.

Established in 1934, Boffi is the only Italian high-end manufacturer specialising in kitchens, bathrooms and storage systems and its name has always been synonymous with top quality and cutting edge design. The search for ever more beautiful forms, technological innovation and a perfect mix of modernity and heritage have made the brand renowned in the market worldwide. In 2015 Boffi acquires furniture design company De Padova.

De Padova
De Padova was founded in 1956 when Maddalena and Fernando De Padova opened a shop on Via Montenapoleone in Milan and started to import for the first time in Italy Scandinavian furniture. In over 50 years of activity, De Padova has kept faith with its original philosophy: design as a tool to spread emotion. The De Padova collection comes from the inspiration of the great design classics, from the love of fine craftsmanship and objects of memory, from research combined with innovation.

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