Be Inspired by the Ambitious Designs of Fast Growing Brand Woud


Be Inspired by the Ambitious Designs of Fast Growing Brand Woud

February 2, 2017

Danish brand, Woud was established in January 2014 by proficient duo Mia and Torben Koed who have since then made maximum effort to create modernly ambitious projects and high-quality pieces that showcase the Nordic design heritage. Since their first collection, the brand has extended their horizons to an extensive line of home accessories which has been quite well received all around the world.


Source: Bo Bedre

Both designers had a very accentuated background in production and sales of private label furniture, however they wanted something more personal and intimate, something they could be really proud, as explained by director Mia Keod, “We wanted to challenge ourselves professionally. Sourcing products for national and international chains of shops has been our everyday life for the past 30 years – but to build a brand from the bottom with furniture designs to a new customer segment, that was the challenge we chose.” So as a result, they built a wonderful brand from scratch which has now grown into a major design game changer.

At WOUD, focus is on creating elegant and subtle products with attention to every detail. The WOUD-collection is based on simplicity, honesty and high quality. Each design is carefully considered and selected to fulfill the mission of creating long-lasting originals where every product has a meaning, a purpose and a function.

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Now, take a look at the most awe-inspiring designs from the Scandinavian brand which main purpose is to share their love for honest design.


Baenk and Gap pendant by Nur | Töjbox from Made by Michael

Accorading to Michael Daae Christensen from Made by Michael, the inspiration behind the creation of Töjbox wardrobe “came during a hectic time where I moved a lot. I wanted to create a storage cabinet that was compatible with my nomadic lifestyle but still had a characteristic design. Töjbox is a functional wardrobe that can be easily mounted, disassembled and moved. You just have to lean it against the wall where you want it.”


M-S-D-S Studio created the Annular Pendant combined a conical shade with a ring of light in an elegant design, as explained by Jonathan Sabine from the studio, “On the one hand, the cone is familiar and classic and, on the other hand, the circular light source is a whole new feeling. We call it new normal.”


The jaw-dropping Nakki chair/sofa was designed by the acclaimed Mika Tolvanen. Perfect to place in a living room, the simplicity and comfort of this piece, illustrated in the foam padding and the discreet legs make it quite idyllic.

lean lounge chair

The Lean lounge chair was designed by NUR and features geometric lines and a clean design. This timeless and striking piece exudes Scandinavian simplicity.

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mirror box

Going beyond the functions of an accessory, the Mirror Box has is inside a metal construction which has four storage boxes made from perforated metal and plated black marble. The designer, Laura Bilde disclosed her inspiration behind this, “As a designer, I am very interested in everything that makes everyday life more functional and less complex. I designed Mirror Box at a time when I was living in a small apartment with a narrow and small bathroom. There was no room for storage next to the washbasin. So I wanted to create a mirror that incorporates all the functions needed at the washbasin and hang these functions on the wall.”


Kasper Nymann designed the Mono dining chair with clear aesthetics and an innovative spirit in mind. Mono is made of oak veneer, which gives the chair a simple, light and refined expression.

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Source: Woud