MissoniHome’s New Collection Adds (Lots Of) Colour To Your Interiors

MissoniHome’s New Collection Adds (Lots Of) Colour To Your Interiors

April 17, 2019


MissoniHome’s New Collection Adds (Lots Of) Colour To Your Interiors ♦ During Salone del Mobile 2019, MissoniHome‘s newest collection fulfilled everyone’s eyes with lots of colour. But that’s nothing that we are not used to with the luxury brand. After all, Missoni’s well-known for its innovative, colourful and unique design. Rosita Missoni’s brand offers proposals for decorating houses and gardens in an innovative way. The unmistakable elements of living and furnishing proposals are accompanied by a varied mosaic of textile ideas. The most exclusive designer boutiques have the MissoniHome‘s newest collection. The brand appeals to architects and designers for their creative installations in the best design events. Furthermore, the ever-growing active presence on the internet is remarkable. Join CovetED and be aware of their most innovative ideas!


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The Home, Rosita’s great passion. Within the MissoniHome project, which she has personally cared for since 1997, are the shared philosophy and vision of the original brand. “The home is alive. It’s constantly evolving and never finished”, she often comments.

The collection offers a lifestyle of home furnishings dominated by unmistakable and decorative fabrics, furnishing forms in interior spaces are versatile and modular. Besides that, they can also easily migrate outdoors. This is a joyful game of design and comfort, the role between textiles and furnishings swapping like the sap of continuous transformation. The personality of the style is consistent, yet renewed with unexpected additions of accessories and different details.


MissoniHome's New Collection Adds (Lots Of) Colour To Your Interiors 4



“My home is synonymous with festive hospitality and pleasant atmospheres. To furnish my own way is to create an organised but informal habitat that excites and intrigues, where every space is an oasis of colours and moods. And free from formulas.”

Rosita, with her husband Ottavio, was at the helm of Missoni for more than 60 years. Together they invented a unique and inimitable style, recognised worldwide. The story of the brand was born as a story of a couple – it is always “the Missonis”: he, Dalmatian, a great athletics champion, with an innate sense of colour; while she was born Jelmini and had grown up in the family business, a leading manufacturer of embroidered gowns and bedspreads, surrounded by fashion magazines, fabrics, embroideries and threads thus cultivating a strong passion for fashion.



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Rosita and Ottavio met in 1948, married in 1953 combining their experiences and talents. The couple created a fashion story considered the greatest expression of Made in Italy.

Later in 1997, after decades of creativity between fashion knit and colour, Rosita handed the fashion to her daughter Angela. Therefore, Rosita could devote her time totally to the MissoniHome home collection. In the home furnishings the same unmistakable style that created the Missoni story continues; the power of contrasts between iconic zigzags, polychrome lines, patchwork and coloured flames, alternating with real or hypnotic flowers and abstract geometries and never forgetting black and white. The enchanting designs combine with the technique to achieve the quality and performance required by furniture.


MissoniHome's New Collection Adds (Lots Of) Colour To Your Interiors 3

MissoniHome’s New Collection Adds (Lots Of) Colour To Your Interiors 3


The collection is produced by T&J Vestor, a family company (Torrani & Jelmini) approaching their centenary, with skilled workmanship. Artistic touches reinvigorate techniques, functionalities and materials. The bond and coherence with the style of the original brand give the project a wealth of joyful expressions with a remarkable and unusual vivacity for furnishing. A rich collection of valuable, precious and modern values expresses the sum of the savoir-faire, handed down the generations.


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