Meet Citco’s New Designs From their 2019 Collection

Meet Citco’s New Designs From their 2019 Collection

April 21, 2019

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Meet Citco’s New Designs From their 2019 Collection Citco‘s was present last week at Salone del Mobile where they presented their freshest designs from their 2019 collections. The 5 new pieces showcased at the fair were created with highly advanced techniques and in collaboration with British sculptor, Anish Kapoor; Italian architect, Marco Piva; and emerging Italian designer, Fabrizio Bendazzoli; as well as Arik Levy and Zaha Hadid Design. Can’t wait to see them? CovetED has all the details below!


by: Marco Costa


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Vortex – Arik Levy


Inspired by the powerful energy of the vortex, this functional sculpture has a strong presence in space: its tabletop suggests a concentration of energy, ow, dynamics and spiral movement that by sliding towards the foot twists and spins around its axe to become a kinetic sculpture that appears in the movement to the eye. And it is this vertical displacement that makes Vortex an ever-surprising piece, that will never leave you indifferent


Pelago – Zaha Hadid Design



Referencing coastal rock formations carved by the sea, Pelago conveys ZHD’s interest in the logic and coherence of natural forms. The table comprises two interlocking, contrasting elements of black marble and transparent acrylic. The flat geometry of the table appears transformed from motionless to the fluid by waves concentrically rippling below its surface – adding depth and complexity through endless refractions, while the “Tropical Storm” black marble’s solidity expresses a timeless stability.

Magic Cave – Marco Piva


‘Magic Cave’ was born to imitate natural caves. A stone sculpture that envelops and generates water. This striking piece creates a curve line that wraps around itself; an environment conceived to welcome, protect and regenerate the body through a delicate shower or a jet that flows into the tub at the base.


Oval Table – Anish Kapoor


Oval Table has been created by world-renowned artist Anish Kapoor for 2019 Citco Design collection. Made in granite and in onyx, the natural patina and materiality of the stone create a surface and form that permeates a sensual physicality. The central recess of the table iterates Kapoor’s pre-occupation with the sublime space of the void, whilst its scale positions it on the threshold of a functional object, landscape and sculpture.



Malea Cofee Table – Zaha Hadid Design



Mirroring the logic and coherence of nature, the design references the spiralling motif of seashells. Combining two interlocking elements carved from a block of onyx and plexiglass, Malea represents a coherent evolution of ZHD’s interest in exploring movement through space without compromising functionality or ergonomic requirements.


Somma Light Table – Fabrizio Bendazzoli



Somma Light Table is the new table lamp designed by emerging Italian designer Fabrizio Bendazzoli. This beautiful piece is composed of two parts: the curved frame is the light source and the door acts as a reflective panel allowing the light to be directed as one prefers. The structure is very symbolic, as it represents the deepest values of every society, due to the harmonious interaction between the portal and the light. This lamp is both poetic and dominant and can influence the atmosphere of the most luxurious environments.


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