Explore the Most-Wanted New Collection by ferm LIVING

Explore the Most-Wanted New Collection by ferm LIVING – ferm LIVING is a Danish company that designs and manufactures interior products with a graphic touch. In the product range, you may find wallpapers, wall stickers, textiles, kitchen items, a large KIDS collection and much more amazing stuff to come… You also need to take a sneak peak at the new collection, which is totally adorable. Read through the article and get to know more abut ferm Living, the company and their concept, and also preview some of the beautiful items from the new collection SS17. 


ferm LIVING originates from a graphic design agency in Aarhus, Denmark, founded by Trine Andersen in 2006. The company came to life after Trine, mostly for fun, decided to visit a clairvoyant. Trine was quite astonished when the clairvoyant saw a little bird sitting confused on a branch, not knowing which way to fly. This sight was essential for Trine’s decision to follow her dream of starting her own business. When she then founded ferm, the little bird found knew exactly where to go and now sits on top of the company logo.

Explore the Most-Wanted New Collection by ferm LIVING

The company went from being a graphic design agency to a company designs and selling lifestyle products when Trine was re-decoration her house. She was looking for graphic wallpaper, but just couldn’t find the right pattern – and when she found it, it was way too expensive. Trine decided, that other people probably felt the same way, so she decided to take it upon herself to create graphic wallpaper patterns at an affordable price. By February 2006, the very first wallpaper collection hit the streets, and since then things have been going fast! ferm LIVING now operates in many markets around the world.

Take a look now at the selection of the latest products from the New Collection:

Explore the Most-Wanted New Collection by ferm LIVING

This Medley Cushion combines shape and texture. Sharp, geometric forms perfectly matched with a vivid colour play blurring the meeting between colour, shape and soft cotton yarn. You can place it on the sofa or on the bed. And add several ones to make the scenery even more cozy and warm.

Explore the Most-Wanted New Collection by ferm LIVING

The Dual Floor Vase is available in muted shades of contemporary colour combinations and it will enhance your home while adding a new layer of height and dimension to a room. Use the Dual Floor Vase with a large flower, a single branch, or simply as it is, as pictured above.

Explore the Most-Wanted New Collection by ferm LIVING

The Herman family of chairs is growing, and the Herman Chair is now available in a version with an upholstered seat for enhanced comfort. The Fiord upholstery, made by Kvadrat, is available in five different colours. Like the other Herman Chairs, it features the nice detail; the wooden backrests let you hang the chair on the table, making room for easy cleaning underneath the table. Herman Studio has designed the Herman Chair, which is produced by ferm LIVING.

Explore the Most-Wanted New Collection by ferm LIVING

The idea was to create an expandable modular system in a vibrant and attractive design so classical that it wouldn’t wear out. The basic structure is strong and robust with reference to industrial shelving systems. All shelves are gently perforated with small round holes as a nice contrast to the sturdiness. This creates a soft and airy look, and it is a detail you only discover when you get up close. Punctual is well crafted and made to be used. The system is easily assembled, suited to grow with you and your home.

Contemporary colour ranges and refined finishes meet in our popular Mingle Table. This tabletop is a narrower version of the existing line of ferm LIVING’s Mingle Tables. You can use it as a small dinner table or desk in a home office. Simply combine your chosen tabletop with a pair of matching or contrasting trestles. All ferm LIVING’s Mingle tabletops are coated with a layer of durable and sustainable linoleum available in various contemporary colours.


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