BRABBU Contract’s Special Guide For Hospitality Projects

BRABBU Contract was established under the umbrella of BRABBU with the purpose of expanding the brand and create a new project dedicated exclusively to the world of hospitality design and contract projects. BRABBU Contract aims to transform any project into iconic hospitality projects while providing unique sensorial experiences.

BRABBU Contract

“After five years integrating the largest and most iconic hospitality projects all over the world, BRABBU Contract was the natural evolution,” said Sara Lança, the CEO and Chief Designer of the brand.

Throughout this article, CovetED Magazine will dig into BRABBU Contract‘s special guide, which was created specifically to help you pick the finest materials for your hospitality projects. The exquisite guide is filled with a large variety of inspirations and influences, as well as interesting information and suggestions for these kinds of projects.

BRABBU Contract

The golden hues warm up any interior design project by providing it with a touch of glamour and timeless sophistication. The golden details and brass pieces will add an intense joy to space while enhancing the whole interior decoration set.

BRABBU Contract

The velvet makes any room look more luxurious yet cosy due to its softness and glamour. It fits perfectly in any interior design and it looks even more perfect during Fall and Winter or in countries where the sun doesn’t shine very often.

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Marble is a refined material that transforms any room into a luxurious and elegant room. Each piece made of marble is different and, according to its shades, it adds a different mood to the interiors, making them look more fresh, sophisticated and beautiful.

BRABBU Contract

BRABBU Contract also suggests the use of different types of wood that will give a natural touch to interiors, especially in transit areas, such as hallways, entryways or stairs. Wood doesn’t necessarily mean rustic, you can find elegant and luxurious wooden pieces that will fit wonderfully in any modern hospitality design.

BRABBU Contract

The pieces made of 100% natural wool, normally rugs, will also add an exquisite touch to the whole interior. BRABBU Contract offers a curated selection of high-end handmade rugs that will fit perfectly in any hospitality project.


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