Celebrating Design with Hameed Hani

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Celebrating Design with Hameed Hani

August 6, 2015

During a recent COVETED trip to London to celebrate design, we visited 5mm Design Studio to say hello to one of London’s most talented designers, our dear friend, Hameed Hani. We asked him a couple of questions about his work so you can get to know him better. We are certain you will love him if you don’t already! You can read the full interview with him in our next issue of Coveted Magazine. 

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COVETED: How and why did you get into the interior design industry? 

Hameed Hani: I am actually from an Architectural background in terms of education and early years of training. Working in Architecture helped me develop a strong valuable skill of understanding a space as well as construction details. However, I was always more inclined and focused on interiors as it involves a great attention to details in all aspects of design that is different to Architecture. I started my interior design journey by working for a London based Jewelry designer who was often commissioned to create small scale High-End Interior Design projects. Following that, I worked for a number of London’s leading Interior Design consultancies before finally opening my own consultancy, 5mm.

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  • CE: How would you describe your style? Do you have a signature touch? 

HH: I would describe my style as Trendy and Modern with an Art-Deco twist. My signature touch usually involves creating a bespoke joinery piece that would work as an art or statement piece yet still be functional. An example of this was a TV unit that I designed for my Marble Arch project. It was finished with hand textured Bronze lacquer and had a dramatic impact on the space yet it hosted all the AV equipment for the project.

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 We hope you liked it and that you won’ miss the whole interview in the next Coveted ! There you can read meany more interview with famous designers like Amy Lau ! 

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