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Top Interior Designers |MIKE WILKINS

August 28, 2015
Mike Wilkins is considered to be a Callison’s top architect and principal at Texas, USA. His team doesn’t just make buildings, Callison create brands and places, big and small, that people seek out and remember, that define and sustain the communities and businesses and that respect the earth. Today and tomorrow, wherever they work, with whomever they partner, they bring passion, curiosity and integrity, things Callison always stood for. The company was founded in 1975 has over 1.000 employees and 11 offices.


Mike’s total approach to store design incorporates his considerable skills in the disciplines of architecture, color and materials, lighting design and merchandise presentation. He continually challenges himself and others to bring new thinking to clients competing in an overpopulated retail world. From the David Jones store in Adelaide, Australia to Almacenes Paris in Santiago, Chile and Neiman Marcus in Austin, Texas, Mike has helped create award-winning stores for successful clients worldwide. Mike was formerly Sr. Vice President, Creative Director for RYA Design Consultancy.


Background & Realizations

Neiman Marcus


The renovation and expansion of the flagship in San Francisco’s famous Union Square completely changes the character of the store. A 50,000 sf addition to the existing building creates opportunities for growth on each of its six levels, enhancing the already strong designer apparel and fashion accessories businesses and establishing a new level of luxury for its customer service amenities. In sharp contrast to the landmark-status of the Rococo-inspired Rotunda, which anchors the corner opposite of Union Square.

Neiman Marcus Topanga

Merging “California cool” with “modern lux”, Neiman Marcus Topanga recognizes the unique character of the region in ways that complement the modernist esthetic that defines the current generation of stores. A poolside tableau typical of the area inspired the cool, icy blue color linking the store’s various worlds. This connection to the landscape is strengthened by lighting and ceiling architecture inspired by the Modernist artist James Terrell, whose “sky space” installations blur the line between earth and sky.



Parkson Kuala Lumpur, Darwish Holdings

Located in the open air center La Isla Shopping Village, Palacio de Hierro’s Cancun store evokes the feeling of an authentic, high-end Mexican beach house. Nearly 20,000 sf smaller than the average Palacio de Hierro store, this format is a direct response to its resort surroundings with an edited merchandise mix to support a more high-end consumer. The palette features materials indigenous to Mexico including the use of reclaimed coconut shells and other natural woods.



Almacenes Paris

One of South America’s oldest and largest retailers, Almacenes Paris wanted to update the environment of its new stores to further solidify and attract the emerging younger customer in Latin America. The result is a total reinvention that is original in every way – from merchandising techniques to interior architecture and lighting, and innovative use of color and materials. With its edgy, bold, strong point-of-view, its environment communicates the modern, trend-savvy look.

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