Top Interior Designers | Cheryl Torrenueva

Top Interior Designers | Cheryl Torrenueva

September 4, 2015

The designer CovetED wants to speak today is from Canada. As a designer, Cheryl Torrenueva is best known as a personality on television shows produced by HGTV Canada. A graduate of Ryerson University, Torrenueva started in television as a contestant on Designer Superstar Challenge. Although she did not win, she was offered the opportunity to become a guest designer on Home to Go, and has since appeared on Rooms That Rock, Restaurant Makeover, Restaurant Impossible and Colin and Justin’s Home Heist.

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Designer, Cheryl Torrenueva has become a hot commodity in the TV design world! She graduated with a Bachelor of Interior Design from Ryerson University and could have never predicted what was yet to come.

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On a whim she entered HGTV’s Superstar Challenge, made it to the finals, and the rest is TV history. Cheryl’s big break came when she was chosen to be the feisty on-camera Design Manager for HGTV’s Colin & Justin’s Home Heist. A few years later, she started working in the USA as a design producer for HGTV USA’s Secrets From A Stylist, with her work featured on The Rachel Ray Show. She holds the throne as one of the top on-camera designers in demand on Food Network USA’s uber-successful Restaurant Impossible and Food Network Canada/Cooking Channel USA’s Restaurant Takeover.

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For the past decade, she has continued her TV career as a designer, creating both elegant and innovative spaces for HGTV Canada’s hit shows Home To Go, Rooms That Rock, and Food Network’s Restaurant Makeover; art directed forHGTV’s Disaster DIY, Design Interns and SLICE’s Superstar Hair Challenge. In between shows, she is a regular contributor to The Marilyn Denis Show, Blanco Canada’s Kitchen Design Council, Metrie’s Design Council, and has designed feature spaces for IDS Toronto, Sony Canada and various Home + Interior Design Shows.


Don’t miss Cheryl as she switches up gears as the series Judge on W Network’s biggest competition show, Game of Homes premiering this March 17th at 10pm!

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More about Cheryl Torrenueva

At the early age of eight years old, Cheryl started designing homes with building blocks for newborn chicks that she were taking care of at school.  As she grew older, she began asking her mom to buy her Dream Home magazines so that she could study all of the blue prints to learn more about space planning. So she’ve always had an interest in architecture and how buildings were put together, and still do! However, when she realized that space was becoming scarce in Toronto, interior design just seemed more appealing because there would be a need to remodel existing interior spaces. She love having the ability to improve the way people interact with space!

The “AHA” moment for her, was during the reveal of one of her first television shows and seeing our youngest client, who was 10 years old, stop breathing for two seconds because they made his dream bedroom a reality even with our limited budget. The creativity really starts to kick in when you don’t have much.

At the beginning of her career when she was volunteering at Gluckstein Design, working at Designer’s Walk and doing reception for a Toronto builder, she thought that she was doing everything that she could to follow her dreams of becoming a designer.

One day, she was speaking with the make-up artist at a family wedding and she mentioned an opportunity to audition for an HGTV contest called “Designer Superstar Challenge.” At the time, she thought, “There is no way that I would win this contest, I barely have a professional portfolio and I’ve never been in front of a camera before. Should I bother?” Well if there’s one thing that she have, it’s drive and passion so she auditioned with her best friend and managed to get a spot in the top 10 finalists! And during the whole time, she was keeping her fingers crossed…if she could get two seconds in front of the judges then she’ve already won.

Little did she know, she would meet the fabulous and talented Andrew Pike – who was also a contestant that season – and although they didn’t win, they were offered to do there very own show a year later called Rooms That Rock. After a few years under her belt, working as on-camera host, designer and art director for some of the top HGTV design shows, she landed a role on the show Colin & Justin’s Home Heist, which allowed her work to be shown all over the world. And here she is 10 years later and still loving every minute of it!

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Cheryl Tips for Interior Designers

Dream big, educate yourself and be good to your suppliers!

Life has its challenges and as long as you always have your dreams set out – even if they sound totally ridiculous – and stay focused, you will get there! It’s the idea that you can adapt to any situation and learn from your experiences to get you to the next level. There will always be someone that tells you that it’s not good enough, so ask the question, “Why?” And learn from it and keep moving forward!

Keep educating yourself and learn about the latest products and methods.  It’s important to know about the materials and finishes that you are specifying, so that you can communicate with the trades and be confident with your decisions. Because more than likely, if something in the design is changed that means more money is spent!

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