The Incredible Collection Mary McDonald Made for Chaddock!

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Mary McDonald is one of the top references in regard to the best of Los Angeles designers. A celebrity designer herself, she has an incredible touch with mid-century projects in particular. Among the remarkable records that we’ve found from her, we definitely need to show you her incredible collection for furniture brand Chaddock. CovetED will be showing you the essence of this amazing collection that makes any mid-century fan dream out loud.


The Incredible Collection Mary McDonald Made for Chaddock!

All photo credits belong to Architectural Digest and Mary McDonald


In her collection that she made a couple of years ago for Chaddock, Mary McDonald managed to mix periods, balance color and defies conventions. According to the brand, this collection is pretty much a lovely example of “nodes to the Greeks and Romans, and an artful homage to Malmaison, the Emperor and Josephine’s country home”. The collection was even successfully remastered with the special touch of luxe glamour that’s all coming from the 21st century.


The Incredible Collection Mary McDonald Made for Chaddock!


The lovely collection line includes around  50-75 pieces of bedroom, dining room, occasional furniture and upholstery all of which were made in the brand’s unique manufacturing facilities. This wasn’t the only successful collaboration that Chaddock had: aside from Mary McDonald, we can also name some other bespoke references in the industry such as  David Easton, Larry Laslo, and David Hinkley.




The scenarios we’ve shown you throughout this article perfectly reflect on the refined taste of Mary McDonald, who effectively blended classic European furniture forms with a strong American spirit added in the mix. More than one furniture piece pays homage to classical forms, not to mention the fact that we can definitely detect the designer’s taste for the peculiar French style and chinoiserie.


The Incredible Collection Mary McDonald Made for Chaddock!


This project comes off as the perfect example of why Mary McDonalds special touch for interior design is noticeable.Often known for her mix of old-world elegance with a touch of modern sensibility. McDonald successfully makes effective use of elements such as bold patterns, Chinoiserie, alongside other bespoke classical elements.


The Incredible Collection Mary McDonald Made for Chaddock!


When it comes to gaining a solid reputation in the media, Mary McDonald has an amazing record so far. Aside from her nomination in regards to being one of House Beautiful’s Top 100 Designers, she was also honored as one of the top 25 designers by Veranda Magazine. She’s also known for having been Bravo TV’s “Million Dollar Decorators” and “Property Envy”.


The Incredible Collection Mary McDonald Made for Chaddock!


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