Inside The Pink Closet Boutique by Cristina Celestino

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Recently at Palazzo Avino Hotel, in Italy, a whole new boutique was created that gave a refreshing pink touch for a boutique. The Pink Closet is one of the most recent interior design projects by bespoke Italian Designer Cristina Celestino. Join CovetED into a little peek inside this amazing boutique that manages to give a lovely new life to a historical site.


Inside The Pink Closet Boutique by Cristina Celestino

All photo credits belong to Cristina Celestino


The famous pink Palazzo Avino hotel is located in Amalfi, a small town in the south of Italy. The building in which this project is found was built all the way back in the twelfth century, and it has been working a luxury hotel for a couple of years now. In regards to the conception of this unique concept for a boutique store, Mariella Avino, Managing Director of Palazzo Avino, has stated the following regarding the interior created by Cristina Celestino.


“I imagined a place that would be feminine and with a delicate atmosphere. A room of miracles to store clothes and accessories and Cristina created them with the right poetry and elegance. Dreams have become a reality with specific shapes.”


Inside The Pink Closet Boutique by Cristina Celestino


The Pink Closet stands a few steps from the hotel’s entrance easily accessible through a store window that overlooks the street. Going inside, visitors will be greeted by a lovely architectural space in which high ceilings with a soaring cross vault envelop the space. The floors are made of polychromatic marble which manages to recreate a couple of tones such as aquamarine green, liberty green and Aegean pink.



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Among some of the most relevant accessories that Celestino chose to add to this lovely boutique we definitely need to point to the Ceramic shells, the coloured marbles and also the brass chandeliers. The store is also defined by the finishes and materials that compose the interior of the boutique. These small elements successfully connote the architectonic elements and the furnishings, playing effectively with smooth and textured surfaces.


Inside The Pink Closet Boutique by Cristina Celestino


Another highlight that many people have pointed out is the way that inlaid marble coexists so well with a decorative carpet, ceramic shells and also a nubuck leather. Cristina Celestino has stated the following:


“(…) the pink closet comes into being as a small piece of architecture which encloses and harmonizes different colours, materials and textures, so that visitors, from the moment they cross the threshold, can enjoy an immerse visual and tactile experience (…) it is a project that aims to be a hymn to beauty, in all its forms, that could only take shape in the extraordinary setting of palazzo avino.”


Inside The Pink Closet Boutique by Cristina Celestino


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