CovetED’s Exclusive Interview With Johannes Torpe

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Johannes Torpe is an amazing Danish designer that has helped clients worldwide build and strengthen their brands through playful and thought-provoking design solutions for over 20 years, with the renowned Johannes Torpe Studios, where he is the creative director. Having worked in many areas of the world, Johannes’ practice has achieved a universality that speaks for itself. His diverse portfolio spans from interior design, industrial design, furniture design to large scale architectural concepts. CovetED had the pleasure of catching up with the designer during Salone del Mobile 2019. Today we bring you a glimpse of the amazing interview, along with a video, so keep on reading to find out more!


CovetED's Exclusive Interview With Johannes Torpe



From a young age that Johannes Torpe felt that he would be in a place where he had achieved something. This is a reflection of hard-working years to be where he is today, through a number of different experiences, such as music or graphic design, before arriving at design and architecture. However, his greatest accomplishment is good life quality. After working and living all over the world, Torpe admits he has finally achieved his inner peace and feels like himself on a daily basis.


CovetED's Exclusive Interview With Johannes Torpe

CovetED's Exclusive Interview With Johannes Torpe


“I feel most happy when I am surrounded by people who are completely transparent, and by that I mean honest. Honest people really excite me and the older you get, the more you realize that you need people around you that tell the truth, you don’t need people around you that talk about irrelevant things, you just need people that can really give you their heart”, said Torpe.


CovetED's Exclusive Interview With Johannes Torpe

Heartbreaker sofa by Johannes Torpe for Moroso


When it comes to design projects, the designer admits he can’t choose a favourite, saying “it’s like looking back at all the lovers in your life and see which one was the best”. But he does know where he loves to work: where the people are nice and the work becomes joy. That is why Torpe loves working with Moroso, since it feels like a long time family friend. For Salone del Mobile 2019, they presented their collaboration, the ‘Heartbreaker’ sofa collection. The collection was designed as a system for the contract market. The project combines pure, geometric shapes with the utmost comfort, making the product, which was designed for heavy duty, suitable also for residential use.


CovetED's Exclusive Interview With Johannes Torpe

Heartbreaker sofa by Johannes Torpe for Moroso


If you want to know more about this amazing interview, don’t miss the 14th edition of CovetED Magazine that is coming out soon. Also, check out the video of the interview below!


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