Discover the Lovely Landscapes of Studio Lily Kwong

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Lily Kwong has become noticeable little by little thanks to one particular feature in her unique projects: the aim of reconnecting people to nature. She’s known in Miami for combining several green elements with others related to urban planning and architecture. CovetED Magazine will be taking you on a little tour through what moves her as well as what makes her initiatives unique within the industry.


Discover the Lovely Landscapes of Studio Lily Kwong

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Having been referred to as the “Darling of Landscape Architecture”, Lily Kwong first started her career as a model. However, her career gave a twist when she decided to turn to landscape architecture. It was a passion that accompanied her ever since her school days growing up in Northern California, a time when she even had a nature club during her first grade.


Discover the Lovely Landscapes of Studio Lily Kwong


As a matter of fact, Lily Kwong did end up studying urban planning at Columbia Universitywhere her passion for urban green spaces, greenways, and gardens maintained itself within her. Despite the fact that she tried a modelling career, her passion would bring her back to this nature area.


Discover the Lovely Landscapes of Studio Lily Kwong




She would eventually end up creating her own project with Studio Lily Kwong. In all of her projects, the architect combines botany and horticulture with the basics of urban planning, architecture and some fine touches of fine arts. With this, Kwong eventually manages to create beautiful environments regardless of the setting.


Discover the Lovely Landscapes of Studio Lily Kwong


Lily Kwong’s projects mainly range from hotels to high-end residential landscapes. She creates her ambiences for developers, private clients, brands, nonprofits and exhibitions, always adding a lovely green touch to any challenge she takes on.  All of her inspiration comes from the fact that she took heavy inspiration from the Land Art and Minimalist movements. With this movement as a basis, her unique approach of using plant life as an artistic medium, notoriously re-imagines the concepts of the urban landscape.


Discover the Lovely Landscapes of Studio Lily Kwong


Fun fact about Lily Kwong: in an interview with the Observer, she admitted that right now,  her favourite city in the world to travel to is Lisbon, due to the fact that she’s been noticing all the design initiatives happening there. However, when it comes to work, her heart is set in either Miami or New York, mainly due to her history with the cities, as well as her opportunities to cooperate with other firms related to her area of interest.


Discover the Lovely Landscapes of Studio Lily Kwong


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