10 Sophisticated Modern Sofas In Living Room Projects By Eric Kuster

Eric Kuster is a top Dutch interior designer known for creating a perfect balance between classic and contemporary, European and international. The following selection showcases his most stylish and sophisticated living room projects. This are especially coveting due to their modern sofas. Get ready to be inspired by marvellous designs!


Luxurious Dutch countryside villa with two modern lounge sofas.


In the same Dutch countryside villa, an outdoor living room furniture set.

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Caribbean Rental Villa with a simple sectional sofa and two wall art pieces that add colour and modernity to the living room design.

eric kuster 10-sophisticated-modern-sofas-in-living-room-projects-by-eric-kuster-5-1

Townhouse in London with a contemporary living room furniture set and statement accessories.


Lakeside Villa in the Netherlands with a focus on perspective, straight lines and rich textures.


Modern outdoor living room with two long grey sofas.

eric kuster 10-sophisticated-modern-sofas-in-living-room-projects-by-eric-kuster-1-2

Fashion Café in the Netherlands where glamour and function meet. The luxurious velvet sofa creates an inviting lounge area, perfect for relaxing!

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eric kuster 10-sophisticated-modern-sofas-in-living-room-projects-by-eric-kuster-8-1

City apartment in the Netherlands with two almost golden lounge sofa designs and a sophisticated mirrored fireplace, adding light and dimension to the living room set.

10-sophisticated-modern-sofas-in-living-room-projects-by- eric kuster -9-1

Penthouse in Amsterdam with a white sofa and a neutral colour palette, one of the designer’ signature touch.

10-sophisticated-modern-sofas-in-living-room-projects-by- eric kuster -10-1

Bright and airy living room set in a family townhouse in Rotterdam. The chesterfield sofa adds a classic touch to the modern space.

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