Understand the Meaning of Fierceness with BRABBU’s Interior Design

“Behind every successful brand, there is always an incredible team” ⇐

In order to become a successful luxury brand, one must live by the quintessential meaning of the quote displayed above, it is all about having a strong and passionate group of people who understand and gallantly fight for the brand’s essence. Basically, it all comes down to emotion and love for the craft, for nostalgy and for luxury, these are the secret ingredients that inspired BRABBU into doing a cluster of episodes which narrate their incredible story by describing their modern interior design philosophy.

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To truly understand the meaning behind BRABBU’S fierceness, please watch the video below narrated by the brand’s head designer, Joaquim Paulo. Enter BRABBU’s modern interior design world with the very first episode of an enticing journey.

To the designer and the brand, Fierceness “signifies the greatest challenge of our department, because every day we must study new world cultures, their ways of living and the habits of all these different cultures within the planet Earth. We need to create a mixture of the textures, colours, odours, and how these will transpire into BRABBU’s collections. In order to create timeless pieces that will adapt to any setting, just like KOI does.”

Understand the Meaning of Fierceness with BRABBU's Interior Design 1

Understand the Meaning of Fierceness with BRABBU's Interior Design 2

The designer goes on to explain the inspiration behind their majestic design, KOI centre table, “Koi is a fish from Japanese culture, that also adapts to different environments, and we try to bring that mythology to the piece, a center table that fits well in any leisure or living room ambience, whether in a home or in a hospitality setting.”

Understand the Meaning of Fierceness with BRABBU's Interior Design 3

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BRABBU is set to release a different episode regarding each department, from design to production, to sales, because there is a lot more one needs to learn about BRABBU that meets the eye. BRABBU has a fierce personality and it is comprised of a massive team of professional who idealise a new piece transforming it into reality. Stay tuned for the next episodes!

Understand the Meaning of Fierceness with BRABBU's Interior Design 4

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