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Today the team of the luxury magazine CovetED is pleased to present the pile of designers from UK and the collection of photos with their design masterpieces.

Anouska Hempel

coveted-Top-10-interior-designers-in-UK-anouska-hempel  Top 10 interior designers in UK coveted Top 10 interior designers in UK anouska hempel

Anouska Hempel is one of the world’s most celebrated designers.  As a hotelier, she has owned, designed and managed three award winning boutique hotels (Blakes London, Blakes Amsterdam, The Hempel) which showcase her signature style and are produced with the highest attention to detail from the guest bedrooms to the imaginative menus. Her philosophy comes from her own lifestyle which is utopian. She leads a team of architects and designers able to provide all aspects of architectural, interior, product and landscape design services.

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As far as it is know, BDP created open plan space with a minimum of closed offices to enhance internal communications and support the company culture. Successful collaboration with the PwC client team creates a platform of clear understanding and knowledge sharing, with creative, effective and award winning results.

coveted-Top-10-interior-designers-in-UK-nina-campbell-1020  Top 10 interior designers in UK coveted Top 10 interior designers in UK nina campbell 1020Nina Campbell

Let us pay attention to another the world’s most respected and influential person in the interior design. The career of Nina Campbell started early. She developed enthusiasm and interest in design and interiors was when, at the age of nineteen, went to work for John Fowler at the prestigious Sybil Colefax & John Fowler. Shortly afterwards she set up her own decorating business, where one of her first commissions was to design a castle in Scotland and Annabel’s private members’ club, Berkeley Square, London, in her unmistakably elegant and rich colour palette.

coveted-Top-10-interior-designers-in-UK-nina-campbell  Top 10 interior designers in UK coveted Top 10 interior designers in UK nina campbell


As it is known, Yoo is a pioneering vision for living and the result of a partnership between property entrepreneur John Hitchcox and the ubiquitous designer, Philippe Starck. Their projects include residences, hotels and many other.Since 1999, YOO has worked with international developers, designing landmark residential and hotel projects throughout Asia, Australia, Europe, Africa, North and South America and the Middle East.

Kelly Hoppen

The following English designer Kelly Hoppen believes that home is luxury, the way you feel in a home, where design must evolve with one’s live. This designer started at 16 when she had the opportunity to design a family friend’s kitchen. She received modest commission that helped to start her career as interior designer.

coveted-Top-10-interior-designers-in-UK-Helen-Green-Design  Top 10 interior designers in UK coveted Top 10 interior designers in UK Helen Green Design

Helen Green

Founded by Helen Green in 2002 with a commitment to delivering exception interior design and interior architecture for their clients, Helen Green Design is a comprehensive design company encompassing interior design, interior architecture and a range of bespoke British-made furniture, and known for creating beautifully crafted interiors.

coveted-Top-10-interior-designers-in-UK-Helen-Green  Top 10 interior designers in UK coveted Top 10 interior designers in UK Helen Green


David Chipperfield

David Chipperfield Architects has developed a diverse international body of work including cultural, residential, commercial, leisure and civic projects. Having a big portfolio of museums and galleries, projects range from private collections such as the Museo Jumex in Mexico City to public institutions such as the revitalised Neues Museum in Berlin.


Blacksheep is an independent, international and award winning design agency that harnesses the power of creative ideas to help companies and their brands to achieve their objectives. Over the past twelve years they have developed an expert practice within the hospitality industry, collaborating with their clients to create iconic and remarkable projects. Blacksheep created a site-specific design for Nando new branch in Ashford, Kent which may be seen below.

coveted-Top-10-interior-designers-in-UK-Blacksheep-Nandos  Top 10 interior designers in UK coveted Top 10 interior designers in UK Blacksheep Nandos

Nandos Restaurant


coveted-Top-10-interior-designers-in-UK-David-Collins  Top 10 interior designers in UK coveted Top 10 interior designers in UK David Collins


Being founded by Hameed Hani, 5mm is a London-based but globally minded high end residential interiors design consultancy. they were taking part in best lighting installation in Meadowhall Shopping Centre, UK. The tean of 5mm works with projects from concept development and spatial layout to finishes, bespoke furniture design and interior styling to on-site project and contractor management.

coveted-Top-10-interior-designers-in-UK-david-collins-the-apartment  Top 10 interior designers in UK coveted Top 10 interior designers in UK david collins the apartment

David Collins

Born in Dublin, David Collins travelled to Europe, settling in London where, in 1985, serendipity would have him redecorate a friend’s home, a design that was later seen by Pierre Koffmann who enlisted David to design la tante claire. Overall, each David Collins studio project, including hotels, restaurants, residential and retail, is a deeply textured interior that feels simultaneously contemporary and established, rooted in the life and traditions of its location and exemplifying the studio’s extraordinary capacity to reinvent and reinterpret the past.

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