The Wonders of the Marble Trend for Home Decor!

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The marble trend is an expected topic for 2020! Seen as this is the type of material that manages to bring an instant sensation of glamour to any type of home decor, it’s no wonder. It’s the type of material easily seen everywhere in interior decor right now, and we mean fabrics, wallpapers, and even rugs. CovetED is going to tell you a little more about this amazing material and the way it instantly glamorizes any home.


The Wonders of the Marble Trend for Home Decor!


Marble, the material in it of itself is still regarded as one of the top craftsmanship materials even after the passing of years. Seen as it’s a classic type of material, its use has been reinvented and applied to other decor elements and design areas. This is the type of element which has managed to make its way onto a variety of areas such as architecture, interiorsfurniturelighting, art, homeware, and even clothing.


The Wonders of the Marble Trend for Home Decor!


Maya Armchair Upholstery BRABBU


The Wonders of the Marble Trend for Home Decor!


Fun fact: Marble is a more colourful material than you might think at first sight. We have, for example, Tuscany’s white/grey Carrara marble, as well as to limestone or even green marble. This is a material that can provide many visual and design possibilities all of which are conceived by nature’s ways. The tones, colours, and styles of Marble are still very explored to this day by many talented craftsmen.


The Wonders of the Marble Trend for Home Decor!


Thanks to the Marble trend, this is still a popular material in design, succeeding in carrying a timeless feel to it. One of the main secrets to applying it properly in modern home decor has to do with using it in small doses. You can see in the example above that it was used in the table counter which ends giving it a light touch of sophisticated elegance.


The Wonders of the Marble Trend for Home Decor!


Of course, it’s no wonder to anyone that this is still the type of material very much used in bathroom decoration. To this day, Marble is still a favourite for people to have it be milled, machined and tumbled, being easily inserted into walls, floors, showers and even a couple of furniture elements. Be it a single furniture piece or a full-on reinvestment, you can explore different qualities of marble (richly veined, straight-lined, light-coloured, dark-coloured among many more options).


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