Sneak Peek Of Caffe Latte, The Brand You Need To Know

Sneak Peek Of Caffe Latte, The Brand You Need To Know

January 16, 2020



Contemporary, modern and neutral are three focus keywords that come to mind while thinking of Caffe Latte. This modern interior design brand will be officially launched at Maison et Objet 2020 and is starting to make its way through the world of functional interiors and has a full collection from furniture, lighting and accessories. The neutral shades, material combinations, and edgy yet functional mood boards are some of the musts see at Maison et Objet 2020. Coveted brings you some of their amazing mood boards through a  sneak peek of the first products the brand is showing to the world. Enjoy! If you’re in need of inspiration follow the brand on their Instagram.


Caffee Latte Home, The Luxury Brand You Need To Know


CAFFE LATTE is a collection of furniture, lighting and accessories with a remarkable ability to fit into any style of interiors due to its modern aesthetic, minimalist and functional design, and consensual focus on neutral tones. CAFFE LATTE Modern Design is a brand that excels in the functionality of the spaces, with a modern and minimalist design that adapts to other styles in a complementary way. resorts to neutral tones to give sobriety to projects by that are consensual and across the different audiences. With the fast-paced lifestyle of the XXI Century, home and interior decoration are required to suit a perfect dose of both tranquillity and serenity.


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Sneak Peek Of Caffe Latte Home, The Luxury Brand You Need To Know


The commotion and buzz from the metropolis must be relinquished. A clean, tranquil and cohesive environment must transport us to a nurturing and warm place. Just like the drink itself, CAFFE LATTE is the perfect blend between design, textures, fabrics and materials. And so, with this perfect mixture, a brand was brewed.  With a simplistic design approach, the modern designed case goods, upholstery, lighting and accessories from the brand adopt a moderate and neutral colour palette. From pearly whites to different hues of browns, beiges, and nudes. CAFFE LATTE’s expert team will be ready to give you a personal and intimate sneak peek on HALL 8, Stand C13.



 In the context of interior design, neutral and caffe latte colours include the “earth tones”, the ones that make us feel at home. With light tones, clean designs, and appealing to the eye design pieces, Caffe Latte modern design uses this trend to its fullest. In 2020, Beige Will be the Comeback Queen! The last few years, various shades of grey have been slathered on walls around the world. However, according to the interior design world, beige is ready for her comeback. Other trends to expect to include deep, bold tones like navy and hunter green, more natural wood in furniture, décor and cabinetry, and a movement toward more colour in general.


Sneak Peek Of Caffe Latte, The Luxury Brand You Need To Know






Sneak Peek Of Caffe Latte, The Brand You Need To Know


This table lamp takes its name from the winnowing method, an ancient technique of separating grain from the straw. Its body is composed of small lacquer wood tubes, representing the straw, and the abat jour shade emerges from the base with a light tapioca fabric, separating distinctively from its rigid body. By mixing a more classic approach to the shade with a contemporary design to its body, this table lamp will brighten every surface and interior.




Sneak Peek Of Caffe Latte, The Brand You Need To Know


The harsh and strict lines from this console design contrast perfectly with the fluidity and sort of feminine touch of the mirror. Inspired by the Coffea liberica plant, the mirror takes an oval contour, resembling the delicate shape of the plant’s leaf. The stainless steel with a bronze matte base, simulate the sturdy branches that can grow up to nine meters, holding in perfect harmony a refined marble top. A minimalist design that will not go unnoticed.




Sneak Peek Of Caffe Latte, The Brand You Need To Know


The Kafe sideboard is a tribute to the rich coffee culture of Madagascar. Made from a bronze mirror, stainless steel and the finest wood, Kafe promises to bring warmth and clean-lined minimalism to your living or dining room.



The brand, launching soon at Maison et Objet and is ready to bring into the functional interiors, neutral and minimalist designs mixed with modern aesthetics. Sustainability is also a huge trend at the moment: Caffe Latte will have a couch whose fabric’s made out of reused coffee bags (and guess what.. IT smells just like coffee). Isn’t this a great time to be showing the caffe latte theme? We love it!


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