Set your table with luxurious Thanksgiving decorations

Stay with family and friends for Thanksgiving and enjoy a unique dinner with a perfect decoration. Prepare the dining room for this luxury moment and make an impression amongst your guests, not only with a delicious turkey but also with amazing and luxurious Thanksgiving decorations. A beautiful table is the key for this perfect family evening.




First, it’s time to mix up your foliage. Set aside the traditional autumn bouquet of flowers and leaves and try greenery, such as green vegetable or succulents, for a kind of landscape look.

Thanksgiving decorations


Next, instead of choosing whether you use a tablecloth or a placemat, use both. Set different layers of fabric for a more elegant look to the table. Spice it up a little bit more mixing up different colors and textures.

Thanksgiving decorations

Add some height to the table with tall (but thin) pieces to make it funnier. Too many short pieces take up space and it’s nothing new. Choose tall candlesticks or a slim vase, like the ones in the following pictures.

Thanksgiving decorations

Thanksgiving is the time to get the family together and fill the house with good and warm feelings. Fill the table with love, making your own place cards. Instead of using the computer, handwrite the place cards for a more personal and careful touch. At the end of the dinner, they are perfect party favors for an enduring evening, that I am sure your guests will never forget.

Thanksgiving decorations

Besides the decoration, the design of the dining table can be a statement itself. Make your table the main character of the Thanksgiving decoration. The decoration will be a mere compliment to the table design, making it truly pop out.

Thanksgiving decorations

I searched for dining tables for Thanksgiving and found these ones, which I truly consider as totally perfect for your dining room, not only for the Thanksgiving dinner but for any purpose you desire.

Look at this stunning and powerful golden Fortuna Dining Table by Boca do Lobo. Nobody will be indifferent about it.

Thanksgiving decorations

My next suggestion for Dining Tables is APIS by BRABBU. I am sure everyone will be completely amazed by this unique table.

Thanksgiving decorations

The third suggestion is a true piece of art, bringing fantasy and enchantment to your living room. Meet Enchanted Dining Table by KOKET.

Thanksgiving decorations

The last one is definitely an outstanding and a completely-out of-ordinary dining table. Meet Bonsai Dining Table by Boca do Lobo.

Thanksgiving decorations

Source: Pinterest


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