Outstanding Centerpieces for Your Living Room Decor Improvement


Outstanding Centerpieces for Your Living Room Decor Improvement

November 20, 2016

One of the most important spaces one should always be extra careful while decorating a home is the living room. As a result, whenever you decorate or remodel think about possibilities to enhance and explore your home decor. Moreover, create a living space that reflects who you are while combing comfort and modernity by adding futuristic pieces, works of art, playing sets, and everything that will satisfy your desires and fulfillments. The following article displays our favourite living room centerpieces and we thought it would be fitting if you shared with the world. Let’s adventure into the mystical world of furniture with 10 jaw-dropping pieces.

10 Outstanding Centerpieces for Your Living Room Decor Improvement5 living room decor Outstanding Centerpieces for Your Living Room Decor Improvement 10 Outstanding Centerpieces for Your Living Room Decor Improvement5

Though simplistic in its form, Ivy cocktail table by KOKET is far from being simple. Coils of golden rope are wrapped along the edges, giving away to the translucent outline.

The mystic behind the name inspires Eden. This center table by Boca do Lobo represents a part of the tree of knowledge and the tale of the birth of desire. A project by KOKET with the Caprichosa sofa and the Gia chandelier.


The delicate, crystal-clear clarity of a teardrop is revamped by KOKET in the Tear cocktail table.

Contemplate in using a stone fireplace and mantel in order to have a formal and elegant living room.

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Look at this one, a white sectional living room accessorized with beach pillows. It almost provides the most panoramic views through glass windows.

Large windows shine a light on this long sectional which is phenomenal for predominant gatherings with friends, co-workers or loved ones.


Add lively colours such as orange and yellow and cast a quirky fireplace to create a unique living room decor.


Invest in a printed rug and put it underneath your sofa, add some patterned throw pillows and you will have a quite inviting setting irresistible to anyone.


Adopt glass tables in your decor to showcase style and a ravishing modern design.

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Care to point which one was your favourite in the comment section and be inspired to change things up. Expect wondrous results from it, challenge yourself to be bold! For more trends and suggestions follow and subscribe to CovetED Magazine! In addition, watch the video below with an exclusive tour of our Covet House. You won’t be disappointed!

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