Modern White Kitchen Decor Ideas for 2020

Modern White Kitchen Decor Ideas for 2020

December 7, 2019


The white color is one of the main colors in the decoration, especially if you enjoy a small kitchen. This color will help you achieve a very powerful visual effect in a big kitchen and will help a small kitchen look bigger. White is also a way to enlighten a kitchen if they don’t have much natural light. Either way, be inspired by the most coveted modern white kitchen decor ideas for 2020. White is also one of the trendiest colors for 2020.


Modern White Kitchen Decor Ideas for 2020 1

Agra Dining Table from Brabbu


The white color, in addition to providing a much wider space, helps to increase the reception of light and brings a sense of cleanliness, being these, together with the amplitude, the keys for the choice of this type of kitchen.


Modern White Kitchen Decor Ideas for 2020 2


The kitchens in white continue to be the reference to take into account when decorating this space. But beware, the excess of white color can become something cold. To avoid that, try to combine the color white with other bright colors to provide some vitality, as we leave you below and you can see in the gallery of white kitchens if you continue reading.


Graphic Collection


Modern white kitchen and wood: the white color can be combined with all possible colors, since it has the virtue of enhancing the colors it has around it.


Modern White Kitchen Decor Ideas for 2020 2


If your thing is to be bold, you can use a color something alive or strong (in furniture or appliances) or, if you are more classic, you can use it with neutral colors breaking the boring that can be used to use a single white color and providing class and style to the kitchen, as in the following case, using the wood of neutral color.


Modern White Kitchen Decor Ideas for 2020 4


White, gray, wood and black kitchen: In addition to combining well with all colors, white combines very well with all materials. Wood, granite, vinyl,… are materials that can make perfect combinations with white.


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The white kitchens is also appropriate for any decorative style of your home. If you opt for a rustic style the wooden furniture painted in white, combined with flowers or wrought iron accessories. If you are looking for a Nordic look you can use the white color in lacquered furniture with straight lines. For a more retro style you can combine the white pickled wood in combination with the glass material and pictures placed in the walls, retro style tiles… as we see in the following image.


Modern White Kitchen Decor Ideas for 2020 6


Modern minimalist kitchen, vitage : for one more modern or minimalist interiors you can decant for lacquered furniture that has a glossy or matt finish. You can combine this color with aluminum accessories or steel finishes, obtaining a modern result.


Modern White Kitchen Decor Ideas for 2020 6


The walls can also be of this white color, whether you have a smooth wall or with tiles. In the ceilings this color is also successful, although it should be avoided in the floors. For these it is best to use white but with gray touches or sand colors.



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