Inspirational Interior Designers: Steven Volpe


Inspirational Interior Designers: Steven Volpe

June 4, 2015

If we are talking about unconventional juxtapositions of modern and antique, stark and ornate, bold and subtle we can point out the interior designer Steven Volpe. He worked in San Francisco and Paris and for several designers including Anthony Hail and Eleanor Ford.


Steven Volpe at his house in San Francisco

In his early twenties, Steven moved to Paris and took advantage of opportunities to study design firsthand, immersing himself in European techniques, history and theory.

After several years in Paris, Steven returned to San Francisco to open his own firm as well as an art and design gallery, Hedge. From his historical Jackson Square office, Steven and his staff now orchestrate design projects around the world.

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Covet-Edition-coveted-steven-volpe-HILLSBOROUGH HOUSE
Covet-Edition-coveted-steven-volpe-LONDON TOWNHOUSE-1

HILLSBOROUGH HOUSE interior design project by Steven Volpe

The client is always the focus of his work and over 20 years of successful projects in San Francisco, Paris, New York, and beyond have given us experience with a wide range of clients, and the knowledge that craftsmanship and details are paramount. Steven and his team approach projects with a spirit of collaboration with our clients, interpreting their dreams and ideas into something real and livable.

Covet-Edition-coveted-steven-volpe-ATHERTON HOUSE Covet-Edition-coveted-steven-volpe-ATHERTON HOUSE-1 Covet-Edition-coveted-steven-volpe-ATHERTON HOUSE-2

ATHERTON HOUSE interior design project by StevenVolpe

They strive to constantly infuse our design process with new elements informed by our travels, study and the ever-changing world around us. Their artisans and craftsmen, extensive resources and continual foraging all play an integral role in developing each project. The results are as unique and inspired as our clients.

Covet-Edition-coveted-steven-volpe-LONDON TOWNHOUSE

LONDON TOWNHOUSE interior design project by Steven Volpe

“You can’t be a modern painter if you haven’t been classically trained, so you know what rules you’re breaking, it’s the same with decoration. I learned what was appropriate and proper, and now I, too, can break those rules. I mesh art and decor—it is where I want to be in my 21st century.” Steven Volpe

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