Immense Charm from Rockwell Group Design

Rockwell Group is involved in many design activities, including cafe design, restaurant and nightclub decor tasks, residential projects and many other remarkable samples of atmosphere that will bewilder every demanding visitor. Their potential may be evaluated with the thousands of working design objects, products and exhibitions these days.



Creating the most extraordinary designed all around the world, Rockwell Group consists of group of over 250 people with offices in New York, Madrid and Shanghai. It mainly specializes in a wide array of work from luxury hospitality, cultural, and healthcare projects, to educational, product, and set design.


Generally speaking, Rockwell Group combines interactive technology, handmade objects, custom fixtures and furniture create environments that seamlessly integrate technology, craftsmanship and design.



The stair design is actually not so spread design activity within different design brands and companies. However, only them make us able to get up to the second floor in the house. Rockwell Group suggests some great modern solutions how to implement stairs in any type of the building and interior design home.


The stairs design has definitely its own unique features. Perhaps one of the most important non-aesthetic design elements of a staircase is space. If the designer can’t figure out a good way to use the space under the stairs, they will take up a lot of space for no good reason at all. Modern stairs have evolved so much that we may even find stairs made of books, shelves, drawers and other objects for your home design. Wood staircase is considered to be in the list of the most popular staircase ideas.


Delivering a fresh and unique design with an informative approach is the key concept nowadays for most of companies that work in this industry. This is quite obvious that the charm of the company is a vital component to succeed as well. Except the charm and wide imagination of the Rockwell Group they have a lot of array of projects, including fine furniture and immense design productivity.

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