How to Style a Living Room Sofa

Have you ever been so starstruck by your dream living room sofa that you didn’t even know what was the best way to style it? Well, Coveted will be sharing some of the best living room inspiration and a few tips and tricks on how to make it work with the rest of your room. How you style your sofa is quite an important life statement, turning the space where you live into a chic and lively room. The following are some modern interior design ideas for your living room.

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living room sofa

Let’s get a closer look on some of them:

living room sofa

Firstly, put some rugs on the floor underneath a table or even the sofa in order to give warmth to the room. To play it safe, select a neutral tone and then you can add a bit of colour through wall coverings or in accessories, such as pillows.

living room sofa

Secondly, decorate the sofa with blankets or furry pillows as they add texture and comfort to the sofa where you can rest all day long.

living room sofa

Thirdly, it is imperative that one is not to be afraid to be bold when decorating. So if you prefer a neutral-toned sofa, just go all in with layered colours and patterns when brightening up the rest of the room, and most importantly just have fun.


Lastly, combine it with other furniture creating an overall enthralling and fashionable look. Whether that be a coffee table, floor lamps, whatever the case may be, just make sure you have a unique selection of textures, styles, and colours.

We offer you a myriad of living room sofa looks and hope you are inspired to change things up a bit. And remember it is always exciting to reinvent or to start something new.

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