Geometric shapes of Nicolas Aubagnac


Geometric shapes of Nicolas Aubagnac

May 28, 2015

One of the designers included also in the list of Studio Annetta is Nicolas Aubagnac. He is an interior designer who also creates contemporary furniture and lighting. Graduated from the Parisian “Ecole Nationale des Arts Appliquées”, he created his company in partnership with Delphine Read in 1997. Their practice carries out interior design for private clients.


Nicolas Aubagnac also creates precious furniture and light fittings for international decorators and private collectors. His creations are presented throughout the year in Galerie Chevalier in Paris. In this showroom, exceptional pieces of furniture and lighting are exhibited alongside antique, contemporary or modern tapestries and carpets. Nicolas Aubagnac is an interior designer. His training and his knowledge of Architecture and Decorative Arts nourish his creations. Indeed, if his drawing is definitely contemporary, Nicolas Aubagnac also looks in the past for shape, materials, finishes and traditional techniques.


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Nicolas Aubagnac uses timeless and fundamental geometrical shapes (circle, square, triangle) and give his creations clean lines with beautiful proportions. The materials he prefers are “noble” and rare: solid steel, chiselled bronze, gold leaf, precious wood, straw marquetry, lacquer, leather, parchment, shagreen.


These sophisticated materials are assembled with perfection and a certain taste for luxury details. Every creation is signed by a stamp. Nicolas Aubagnac’s creations are timeless and can easily be mixed with antics or with modern art. Through his creations, Nicolas Aubagnac develops a personal conviction: to create exceptional pieces, noble materials must be selected with specific care and assembled according to precise and rigorous techniques.


Indeed, Nicolas Aubagnac confides the manufacture of his designs to talented craftsmen who perpetuate the tradition of the Decorative Arts. In his workshops, woods are selected and dried with special care, leathers are prepared and hand-dyed and the veneers are made on specially made lathing. Traditional techniques (French varnish, lacquer, forged iron, marquetry or chisel) can be enriched with modern techniques (vacuum gluing-press, cutting out with numeric laser, varnish made in a specific studio).


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As a result, the best offered quality ensures the pieces to last and allows their restoration and their transmission from a generation to another. Nicolas Aubagnac has also lent his talent to other editors that have asked him to design some exclusive collections.


To sum up, Nicolas Aubagnac is a designer that will impress with his works and inspire for new renovations in life of everyone. Covet Edition magazine recommends to pay attention to this designer.

Source – Best Interior Designers