Design Ideas from Paramount Hotel New York

One of Manhattan’s most iconic boutique hotels is Paramount Hotel New York. When it was asked to redesign its interiors, the best design option was to cooperate with Meyer Davis Studio. Their design ideas for the living spaces were implemented more than successfully in a luxury destination hotel.

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The designers of the studio sought to reimagine the space through the lens of a contemporary theater aesthetic. Constructed in 1928 as part of an extensive building and expansion drive in the Times Square theater district, the Paramount Hotel was intended to appeal to visitors coming to New York for its vibrant night life. In 1991, hotelier Ian Schrager created an icon, and defined the idea of a ‘boutique hotel’ by hiring Philippe Starck to redesign the interior. Over 20 years later, visionary real estate tycoon Abe Rosen had the idea to restore the Paramount Hotel to its former glory, and hired Meyer Davis Studio to reimagine the interiors of the historic landmark for its best encore performance to date.

At the core of the Paramount’s transformation is the redesign of the Hotel lobby. The design of the lobby builds on the drama and glamour of Lamb’s original vision and further enhances it with modern touches and saturated, muted tones to imbue the room with a cozy, sexy ambiance that will delight visitors and New Yorkers alike.

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Upon entering the two story atrium lobby, the space’s blue and grey color palette and variety of eclectic seating choices radiate an essence of an ultra-sexy lounge. Simultaneously, its dramatic lighting and highly-saturated velvet accent chairs tastefully nod to the stylized elements of traditional Art Deco theatres. The focal point of the lobby is the fireplace, masterfully rendered to reflect the light and energy of the room. A DJ booth is perched above the lobby – live performances adding a cool vibe to the already visual and spatial experience.

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CovetED Design Ideas from Paramount Hotel New York lighting

Playing upon the theatre motif, the upstairs mezzanine makes a spectacle of the design by providing ample seating along the perimeter to enjoy an elevated view of the social scene below. Adjacent to the main lobby is the relaxed, intimate environment of the Bar & Grill. The Bar & Grill continues the Paramount’s romance with Broadway, with warm and dramatic lighting, accents of theater-inspired fabric, raised banquette seating and Candida Hofer-style vintage photography.

CovetED Design Ideas from Paramount Hotel New York design

The lighting in the lobby was presented with a Coltrane Supsension Lamp by Delightfull created in a monumental design that outstands time.

For a more casual pick me up, the hotel’s white tiled wine and coffee bar provides a clean and fresh interpretation of Italian classicism. The repetition of herringbone tile work and stripes throughout the hotel’s various public seating and service areas, creates a geometric rhythm and cohesion among the various elements of the interior’s overall design.

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Source – Meyer Davis Studio