6 Cheeky Kids Bedroom Ideas With Teepee Tents

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6 Cheeky Kids Bedroom Ideas With Teepee Tents ⇒ If there is one part of your home where you can be creative about the decoration it is the kid’s bedroom. And one exciting and fun item to add to a children’s bedroom is a teepee. In fact, it is actually very easy to make one with four poles and a piece of fabric. Moreover, you can also buy one that is ready-made from stores. With this in mind, CovetED has collated kids room ideas with different designs both for boys and girls. Keep scrolling and be treated with beautiful 10 playful kids bedroom ideas with an adventurous camping feel!


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6 Cheeky Kids Bedroom Ideas With Teepee Tents


Take a look at this bedroom with a modern design with a brick wall accent. Look at the cloud with rainfall and it has a teepee too!


6 Cheeky Kids Bedroom Ideas With Teepee Tents


Add a map and use it as a backdrop of the bed with grey colours for the bed. The white teepee with red details is one of the highlights of this bedroom.


6 Cheeky Kids Bedroom Ideas With Teepee Tents


The Teepee bed, by Circu, is a children’s tent bed inspired by the traditional indigenous tents. The Teepee Room has a playful design influenced by the Disney princess Pocahontas and her free-spirited and highly spiritual personality. Kids will be drawn to this room because of the sense of adventure that it inspires. Constructed from a solid oak veneer, both on the base, bed and storage, it is then supported by a 5-pole structure with a covering in synthetic leather, with peach skin texture.


6 Cheeky Kids Bedroom Ideas With Teepee Tents


To make the teepee look more interesting, add some lights just like this one in black and white colours on it with modern patterns.


6 Cheeky Kids Bedroom Ideas With Teepee Tents


Of course, you can also use a bed with a teepee shape. This bedroom is fit perfectly for a boy or a girl which loves a cowboy style.


6 Cheeky Kids Bedroom Ideas With Teepee Tents


Here, the back of the door has chalkboard paint where your kids can be creative with drawings sketches and there is that teepee where the kids can spend quality time playing with their friends.


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