Autumn/Winter Trends for Interior Design

Autumn/Winter Trends for Interior Design

October 25, 2016

Be inspired by the new autumn/winter trends and decorate your interior with the liveliest patterns or designs one can possibly imagine. Days are becoming colder so it is only natural that one enjoys more often the comfort of their home, so here are some tips to completely transform the interiors of your house.

autumn/winter trends


The best way to decorate your interiors in the chillier time of the year is by mixing colourful patterns with darker tones. One should always be daring when brightening their place up and it is quite important to change up the scenery according to your surroundings and preferences.

Autumn/Winter trends are known to be very dramatic and textural, much as to do with the drizzly atmosphere. So as a consequence, consider using colours, such as green, yellow and brown in order to resemble said weather, and materials like wood and tangible fabrics (wool knits and faux fur are perfect examples).

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Here are some Autumn/Winter trends you should follow:

Grey Elements – darker tones are always very welcoming for the autumn/winter season and concede a more contemporary look to your home

cobble 900

Velvety tones – Grants a cosier ambience, especially in accessories such as cushions and knits.


Primary colours – green and blue are always trendy colours and they absolutely bring depth and essence to a room, especially if mixed with grey tones



Darker shades – Excellent for dramatic effects and contrasts perfectly with layered lighting.

dark and dramatic


Bold floral – One should always be fearless when decorating and go for bold choices, for instance, selecting blooming and energetic florals like the ones shown above.



Predominantly Purple – Endows a bohemian atmosphere to any room notably through the use of vibrant florals.



Pretty in Pink – A preferred option that will emphasise any setting. When combined with achromatic colours, such as white and grey, it gives the room a sort of serene feel to it.


So if you are looking to give your home an autumn or winter theme, you have a few options with this article. Hope you feel inspired to change things a bit with autumn/winter trends!

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