Restaurants We Covet: Unkai, InterContinental Tokyo

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Located in one of Japan’s most luxurious hotels, the InterContinental Tokyo, in the heart of the Akasaka district, Unkai Japanese Restaurant provides the ultimate gourmet experience. With an amazing view overlooking a traditional Japanese garden with an amazing design and pond that change throughout the seasons, Unkai showcases seasonal specialities and the absolute essence of Japanese cuisine. CovetED brings you all about Unkay Restaurants in Tokyo lead by Chef Takeshi Yohiyasu, and get ready to start mouth-watering.


Restaurants We Covet: Unkai, InterContinental Tokyo

Unkai Garden


Lead by chef Takeshi Yohiyasu, who is devoted to the discovery of new ways of presenting Japanese Kaiseki – a traditional banquet – intertwines his signature dishes with the stories he recalls from his ancient roots. At Unkai, his goal is to make everyone experience the blend of old and new culinary arts.



Restaurants We Covet: Unkai, InterContinental Tokyo


The restaurant offers its diners an assortment of traditional Japanese cooking, including seasonal sushi and sashimi, miso soup, tempura or the exquisite Japanese Ohmi beef. And, of course, the famous multiple-course Kaiseki degustation meal, that is served by traditionally dressed kimono staff in the private dining rooms.


Restaurants We Covet: Unkai, InterContinental Tokyo


For the ultimate luxury experience, Unkai provides the private Tatami dining rooms, that feature traditional Tatami flooring, offering a truly unique dining event. All private rooms look out onto the garden and provide an exclusive ambience for family gatherings, business meetings or catching up with friends.


Restaurants We Covet: Unkai, InterContinental Tokyo


For over 30 years, InterContinental Tokyo has been a hospitality leader in the Japanese capital, welcoming guests to its 844 rooms, 12 restaurants and bars and 22 event spaces. Unkai Japanese Restaurant also has a 32-year history that goes back to the establishment of the hotel, formerly known as ANA Hotel Tokyo, in 1986. Recently, the hotel won the Luxury City Hotel/Japan prize in the World Luxury Hotel Awards 2018, while Unkai became the Global Winner of Japanese Cuisine for the second consecutive year, as well as the East Asian Regional Winner in the Luxury Hotel Restaurant category.


Restaurants We Covet: Unkai, InterContinental Tokyo

Intercontinental Tokyo


Address: 1-12-33, Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-0052, Japan



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