Restaurants We Covet: Jungsik, New York, USA


Jungsik offers a modern and unique understanding of contemporary Korean cuisine – innovative chef Yim has christened it as New Korean. The name for the restaurant, Jungsik, was a play on words. In the Korean language, Jung Sik is a formal dinner and it is also the name of our chef. CovetED is here to let you know all about Jungsik, the restaurant in the city of lights that brings Korean food onto your table.


Restaurants We Covet: Jungsik, New York, USA


Jungsik is a restaurant that can be best described as a perfect example of what happens when the quality of Korean cuisine arrives in the heart of New York City. The idea was brought in by chef and proprietor of the restaurant Jung Sik Yim, who decided to open a restaurant in New York in 2011 after the success of the establishment back in Seoul. The original establishment had the goal of presenting to Koreans a whole new modern take on their traditional gastronomy and that was the very same concept with which Jungsik came to the USA.


Restaurants We Covet: Jungsik, New York, USA


This second establishment is located at Harrington Street and it presents New Yorkers and any visitors who happen to wander in a new twist on Korean cuisine. Inside, you will be introduced to a whole new set of amazing dishes which feature incredible ingredients such as black cod, caviar, duck and scallops. All of these unique Asian culinary wonders are displayed flawlessly on the white plates, sometimes with some artful and playful touches added to them. 


Restaurants We Covet: Jungsik, New York, USA


When it comes to the decor of the restaurant, Jungsik has a minimalistic yet effective presentation that you can experience entirely, regardless if you pick a Group Dining Option or opt to experience their Private Dining Room. The use of wood and warm colours in many of their decoration elements gives Jungsik a timeless charm that is very associated with the Korean style, only with a more contemporary touch to it. All in all, it’s a very good example of a minimalistic decoration fitting a modern Asian style.


Restaurants We Covet: Jungsik, New York, USA


Jungsik is a good example of a restaurant that definitely managed to change the point of view of people regarding Korean food, both for Koreans and now for New Yorkers. It’s a wonderful experience in gastronomical and presentation experiences, that comes to show that any type of tradition or culture can easily adapt to a modern scenario.


Restaurants We Covet: Jungsik, New York, USA


Address: 2 Harrison St, New York, NY 10013



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