Top 3 Inspiring Raising Talent at Maison Objet September 2016

Top 3 Inspiring Raising Talent at Maison & Objet September 2016

Top 3 Inspiring Raising Talent at Maison Objet September 2016

September 1, 2016

Maison Objet provides a stage for six up and coming designers, offering them the opportunity to showcase their work and enter the field. Inside these 6 talents, here is the selected 3 of them that you should visit first.

1-Désormeaux/Carrette Studio

leibal_knot_carrette-Maison Objet

Nathanael Désormeaux and Damien Carrette collaboration shape this studio in 2014, alongside the launch of Dita, a small lamp inspired by the fashion industry, who specified the approach of the studio towards design: the blend between the industrial know-how, by Nathanael, and the artistic arrange, made possible by Damien.

dita_Maison Objet

Nathanael is interested in British design and innovation, while Damien chose a more decorative, design-oriented studio methodology. To make sure their ideas become reality, the two designers are not afraid of putting them to the test of industrial limitations. They usually surround themselves with a variety of professionals from the different field of work to ensure the projects are viable.

2-AC/AL Studio

AC-AL-Maison Objet

This design studio was established in 2013 in Paris by Amandine Choor and Aissa Logerot, right after their experience with a number of design studios: Mathieu Lehanneur, Bruno Moinard, Dominique Perrault or, for instance, Hèrmes creative department. Also, between 2009 and 2012, they collaborated on artisan development programmes in countries such as Cameroon, Cambodia, and Morocco. Here, they have learned to cultivate a perfect ‘harmony between function, form and technique’ within the objects they create.

AC-AL-Maison Objet

Recently, the studio’s work focuses mainly on collaborative product and furniture design projects that reconcile industry and craftsmanship. Thanks to their complementary skills, they are able to design objects that strike a balance between function, technical performance, and shape. They are usually inspired by the minimalistic outline of geometrical drawings, which is a perfect match with the Modernist masters, who shaped design by simplicity and functionality.

3-Pierre Charrié

Pierre Charrié-Maison Objet

Since he graduated from Nîmes Higher School of Fine Arts in November 2008, Pierre Charrié has acquired significant experience in product design, collaborating with various design agencies such as Normal Studio. His projects have earned him various awards. He received the Silver Design Award from Future en Seine, in 2014 and recently the Grand Prize for Creativity by the City of Paris, in the design category.

lampes01pierrecharrie-Maison Objet

He has developed two complementary approaches to his activity. By questioning technologies and their emerging usages, he investigates the sensory dimension of daily life objects. He is particularly interested in the way sound, movement and touch engage the user and initiate a form of tangible interaction with the object. Everything will display at Maison Objet, so just don’t forget to go.

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