Miuccia Prada presentes the Spring Collection 2017

The curiosity of other inspired Miuccia Prada to create the new collection, Spring 2017. People are different in many ways and represent that in fashion are a true challenge. The way that the creative department did was brilliant and talented. The choose of light fabric for clothes is something that is becoming common all over the world.


Miuccia Prada Spring Collection 2017 – 1

Urban style was certainly one of many inspirations that Miuccia Prada had and are present in many ways in society, like education, clothing, music, arts, etc. Parka, backpacks and sandals were present in all over the show. In almost every look has at least one of those items.

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The runway was long and colored like clothes presented. On the second half of the way, there was a ramp where models walked up to return to backstage. Everything matches for a kind of mountain high style for urban living, with very modern clothes and accessories.

The scenario was industrial and modern, with a soundtrack from Frédéric Sanchez. The highlights are for “Bedtime Stories”, from Madonna and Björk’s “Arm for me”

prada 1

Miuccia Prada Spring Collection 2017 – 2

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prada 4

Miuccia Prada Spring Collection 2017 – 3

Miuccia Prada Spring Collection 2017 – 4

Miuccia Prada

Miuccia Prada Spring Collection 2017 – 5

Miuccia Prada told to journalists at backstage that the period of time that we are is so important, and all we need to be focused in present time, having the right decision with others peoples life, like immigrants in the Europe. This is an important step that many countries should do to protect war refugees and give them a new hope of living.

prada 2

Miuccia Prada Spring Collection 2017 – 6

Source: Vogue / Archpaper



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