David Beckham Joins Forces with L’Oreal to Launch House 99

David Beckham Joins Forces with L’Oreal to Launch House 99

February 28, 2018


David Beckham Joins Forces with L’Oreal to Launch House 99 – Retirement’s treating former football (or soccer, whatever floats your boat) superstar David Beckham well. After representing institutions worldly-famous such as Manchester United, AC Milan and Real Madrid, the Englishman retired in the US, where he could focus on selling his image (and what a terrific job he did!). After starring in several famous commercials, such as the H&M underwear one (watch it below), David Beckham joined forces with cosmetics powerhouse L’Oreal to create his own grooming brand, House 99. Join CovetED Magazine and find out more about the next big thing in men’s cosmetics!


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“For me, grooming is not only about how you look, but how you feel. It’s about being comfortable, trying new things and shaping your next look. I created  House 99 to give people the inspiration as well as the right products to try out something different and feel completely at home doing so. House 99 is here to support men, to give them the tools they need to create whatever look they are going for. Welcome to the house.” – David Beckham


The Campaign



HOUSE 99, Home to your next look 


As one of the world’s most famous style icons, David Beckham continues to challenge the notion of what it means to be “masculine”. Notoriously experimenting and reinventing his own image, the London-born footballer, historically made caring about your style and changing your look acceptable amongst men. He inspired a generation and redefined ‘male culture’ not just in the UK but across the world. Driven by this desire to revolutionize society’s take on grooming as part of modern masculinity, HOUSE 99 was built with the ambition to offer exceptional innovative formulas to men who are not afraid to explore their own unique style and express their identity.



More than just a brand, HOUSE 99, is named by merging two components: The word “HOUSE” reflects David’s goal to build an inclusive community of grooming aficionados, to share style tips and recommendations in order to conquer every look and inspire new creations. The number “99” which he has tattooed on his hand marks a momentous year in both his personal life and career. He married Victoria, his eldest son, Brooklyn was born, and Manchester United won the treble (which is, Man U won on the same season the English Cup, The Premier League and the UEFA Champions League).



With dedicated involvement from the beginning, David Beckham has played an active role in every element of developing his brand, from testing in the L’Oréal labs to picking product names, fragrances and logo designs. In addition to shaping every detail of each product in the range, David also personally appointed some of the best names in the grooming game to collaborate with HOUSE 99, including, master barber Fabio Marquez (from Figaro Barbershop in Lisbon, Portugal), providing professional guidance and dynamic content for the brand’s own digital platform.


As promised, here’s David Beckham’s famous H&M commercial:





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Source: L’Oreal