Coveted Magazine – 2nd Edition

Covet Edition

The new 130-page perfect-bound glossy magazine is a complete guide about Luxury, Design and guilty pleasures to the season.
In its second edition, CovetED Magazine continues its incredible journey to present to the world some of the most high-quality content, confirming its main statement: be an high standard publication whose major mission is celebrate design! Recently released, the magazine’s 2nd issue presents a great selection of hotel and restaurant projects around the world, a curated selection of design products and a fine selection of luxury brands and some of the most iconic names of Interior Designer’s world.Enjoy it!

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Covet Edition

“As a designer, it is my job to dig deep to figure out what the client really wants, and then use my resources and expertise to deliver a home that is as beautiful as it is practical for the way they like to live.” (Amy Lau)

Covet Edition Covet Edition
"Right now the world’s fashion eyes are looking for new and fresh designs from the most important and trend setting luxury fashion brands. The collections are ready; the campaigns are immortalized by the most iconic personalities of the showbiz world and are ready for the Fall/Winter 2015 season. At CovetED we need to make sure our readers are well-armed for the cold, but kept super stylish with a list of the coming seasons expected highlights. Looking at all of the styles, campaigns, colors, and textures at first glance the Fall/Winter 2015 season does not seem exciting but it turns out to be diverse and full of options."
Covet Edition
"We picked out the most coveted hotel suites from the most coveted cities in the world – Paris, London, New York and the Middle East. No expenses are spared in these luxurious suites. Tailored for the desires of the contemporary elite, each offers a unique experience like no other. "
Covet Edition
"From an adorable young ballet student, to a 15 year old Elle Magazine cover model - and the most desirable actress of her time - the cameras loved Brigitte immediately and they’ve never forgotten her (just like all the men that met her in person). But besides all this beauty and grace, this woman’s love for animals and her lifetime struggle to make their rights stand, are two additional reasons for the world to love her. "