Visualise this Beautiful Glottman Showroom in Miami


Visualise this Beautiful Glottman Showroom in Miami

December 23, 2016

On 17th of November, another successful showroom in Miami opened. Curated by architect Oscar Glottman, the showroom, Glottman Mimo exhibits a series of events that share LAGO‘s unique philosophy and design. Throughout the article, we display exquisite scenes from the showroom.


Starting off, LAGO’s philosophy is to aim for a social change by using design as a facilitator, in other others, by creating spaces that are the most suitable for the people that live in them. This distinctive platform has an incredible team which is led by Daniele Lago since 2006.

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LAGO has grown to be very requested, especially in furniture stores and singular brands stores worldwide. It also has a network of places, which include hotels, office, restaurants, bars, etc.


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Local leaders in the industry shared products that resonate the essence of their work and artistic identity. In this collaborative discussion with Modern Luxury Interiors, the design leaders also conversed about defining moments.


The showroom also explored LAGO Interior Life secrets and methods.

glottman -mimo-showroom-bedroom

We hope you have enjoyed our article and remember their mantra of “never stop designing life” which we believe is quite insightful for future endeavours. If you want to know more about the showroom, please click HERE.

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