Top 10 Celebrities Turned Designers

This time around Coveted will list a few celebrities that besides their initial activity decided to take a turn to designing, whether that be in fashion, accessories, clothing, etc. It will feature a diverse variety of famous people, including actors, socialites, rappers, models, among many others. Due to their position and influence on the overall artistic industry, it really comes as no shock, that many celebrities make the jump to design at some point, as it is also an influential and global craft that can easily be connected to other art forms.

Now, Let’s take a look at who made the list.

#1 – Jessica Simpson


The singer/actress launched her own fashion line entitled Jessica Simpson Collection, selling clothing, handbags, and shoes. In 2010, she accumulated a total of $750 million with her collection.

#2 – The Olsen Twins


As Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen left acting to her younger sibling, Elizabeth Olsen as the twins made a full on transition to fashion which was more than successful. Their combined collections are worth over a billion of dollars and they have already launched a few fashion lines, from the Row to the midrange Elizabeth and James, to a child’s collection dubbed as Olsenboye.

#3 – Drake


The extremely accomplished rapper, Drake has put in motion is own fashion line, called OVO which stands for October’s Very Own. The line entails hoodies, sweats, t-shirts, and jordans.

#4 – Kanye West



Although Kanye’s Yeezy collections may not have been very well received amongst peers, the masses seem to disagree as they simply love it and continue to purchase West’s products. When he collaborated with Adidas on a sneakers collection, they sold 9000 a week and those are quite expensive.

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#5 – Victoria Beckham 


Source Help My Style

Playing a big factor in the industry, the Victoria Beckham Collection sells dresses and purse within the price tag of $600 to $6000. As a matter of fact, she was already named designer of the year in 2011.

#6 Sarah Jessica Parker


When the actress played the iconic role of Carrie Bradshaw, she immediately rose to fame and it was only a matter of time before she started to rule other outlets. In 2007, she launched a clothing line, entitled Bitten which wasn’t as successful as her 2013 line of shoes and handbags. She also produced major fragrances, such as Stash SJP.

#7 – Pharrell Williams


Musician Pharrell Williams has already founded two streetwear brands: Billionaire Boys Club and Ice Cream. These feature every sort of exclusive apparel from outwear to socks. He also is a shareholder and creative director on the sustainable textile brand, Bionic.

#8 – Nicole Richie


Source: Hollywood Reporter

House of Harlow is Richie’s fashion line that benefits from vintage and bohemian products. In 2012, her fashion line was worth over $3 million.

#9 – Gwen Stefani


Source: Harper’s Bazaar

Inspired by Asian and retro styles, Gwen Stefani launched a fashion line called L.A.M.B which is Love Angel Music Baby. The brand makes about $90 million a year.

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#10 – Sean Combs


Over the years, Combs has become a style and music iconic. He has launched his sportswear collection entitled Sean John, a throwback to 1999. He also bought the streetwear brand Enyce. As a whole, he earns around $525 million a year.

So these are just a few celebrities that have made an impact in the fashion world but there are so many others, from Jay-Z to Kate Hudson, to Justin Timberlake, etc.. If you liked our article, feel free to comment and tell us which celebrity is your favourite!

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