Design Miami/ Basel 2017 – Swarovski’s Designers of the Future Exhibition

Design Miami Basel

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At the leading design forum, Design Miami/ Basel, Swarovski unveiled a design installation with exhibitions from the three winners of the 2017 Designers of the Future Award, which was established in 2006 and acknowledges technologically and conceptually vanguard pieces, the recipients are: Jimenez Lai, Marjan van Aubel and TAKT Project. This happens to be the first time that an installation includes piece using 3D crystal printing and solar cell technology with innovative surfaces. Design Miami/ Basel 2017 is currently taking place in Switzerland and it is scheduled to end on June 18.

Designers of the Future

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Although these artists represent different fields and movements, they have come together under the theme of “Shaping Societies” to craft an original design or prototype that uses the diverse resources of Swarovski. Each artist developed their own individual concept which was brough to life at the prestigious event.

Design Miami Basel 2017 - Swarovski Designers of the Future

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Ice Crystal by TAKT Project 

Design Miami Basel 2017 - Swarovski's Designers of the Future Exhibition 3

Source: Dezeen

Tokyo-based interior and graphic design studio, Takt Project created Ice Crystal, an ingenious 3D design that reminisces over the formation of frost crystals on the groud. This project was done in collaboration with MICRON3DP and Swarovski. The series of 3D printed crystal candlestick holders and vases are inspired by the precise cutting and polishing techniques at Swarovski, and the beautiful reflection and refraction of light produced in these moments.

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Source: Dezeen

Lead designer at TAKT PROJECT Satoshi Yoshiizumi commented: “Working with Swarovski and MICRON3DP to create this new art form – printing 3D Crystal – has been an exciting, creative process. Our vision is to work on projects that connect or re-shape society. Ice Crystal does this through its re-examination of the possibilities of crystal and light, and we are eager to further explore this relationship through new forms and creations.

Cyanmeter by Marjan van Aubel

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Source: Dezeen

Working closely with Swarovski technical teams in Watters, Dutch designer Marjan van Aubel designed the Cyanometer, a majestic piece comprised of three light objects, inspired by energy that is provided by the sun. The designer has previously work with pieces that require solar power and sustainability.

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Source: Dezeen

Marjan van Aubel expalined,“Visiting Wattens to see Swarovski’s innovation team and understand more about its dedication to working in a sustainable way was really inspirational for this project. The form and ideation behind the original Cyanometer and its relationship with the sun and sky has enabled me to develop an aesthetic solution towards a new way of energy harvesting for the future.”

Terrazo Palazzo by Jimenez Lai

Design Miami Basel 2017 - Swarovski's Designers of the Future Exhibition 1

Source: Dezeen | Image Credit to Mark Cocksedge

Los Angeles-based Jimenez Lai created Terrazzo Palazzo, a striking palazzo-style architectural environment, formed by freestanding structures while reusing upcycled Swaravoski crystal, giving a whole new touch to the deconstructed palazzo.

Design Miami Basel 2017 - Swarovski's Designers of the Future Exhibition 2

Source: Dezeen


Jimenez Lai had the following to say: “Architecture for me is all about telling stories. Being able to truly understand the rich history of Swarovski through my visit to Wattens was crucial to creating an installation that reaches both back in time, but also into our future. Second quality crystals are an entirely new material for us to work with, and we’re delighted to have been able to create an innovative surface that sparkles and shines to bring the outside in.”


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The new installation format introduced for 2017 celebrates the coming together of architecture, technology and product design with beautifully considered, socially conscious commissions that reflect Swarovski’s evolving brief for this award, which is being sponsored by Swarovski in partnership with Design Miami/.

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