It has been an incredible journey since April when COVETED first came out to the world, sharing luxury and design with our friends and with you. Its was success beyond our expectations, and it gave us all the strength and inspiration to produce an even better issue this time round. An increasingly growing challenge requires more and more of motivation. The COVETED team is now aiming higher, and is packed full of energy, and this issue is full of new discoveries we can’t wait to share with you.
We’ve been travelling around the world since April to bring you a unique selection of interviews, event coverages, restaurant experiences and city guides, all first hand. We’re eager to share our real experiences, which covered all senses, as well as the new people we met, the different conversations we had and points of view we found, (all of which make COVETED a richer publication).
To provoke a little curiosity, here is a selection of some of our star articles you are bound to covet:
“15 Hotel Suites”, a review of the best suites around the world, from the Paramount in New York, the Four Seasons George V in Paris, as well as the Bulgari and Ritz Hotels in London. These reviews cover the luxury experience provided by each of the hotels, combined with design choices to inspire you to create your Suite project.
Read our first-class previews on the world’s next major design events – from Design Miami, to upcoming design weeks in Paris and London, as well as curated design guides made by people who live and love both cities, and are eager to share what’s new and trendy in town. We also met with Piet Boon, Amy Lau, Prosper Assouline, François Frossard and David Bouley, amongst other remarkable personalities, to bring you exclusive interviews and stories, in a bid to celebrate design with friends!
This issue could make me write about it for hours. Before I leave you to embark on your journey through COVETED to discover a new world of luxury and design, I want to share a quote which has given the team the drive to start such an ambitious project from scratch in a matter of months which has brought us immense joy:

“Happiness lies in the joy of achievement and the thrill of creative effort.” – Franklin Roosevelt

International, influential and trendy, Coveted Edition Magazine is the world’s ultimate source for Luxury & Design news. We have a very unique approach that goes far beyond reporting news: We celebrate design with friends. International top designers and opinion leaders share the secrets of their work and have, at the same time, an active voice in Coveted Edition through the expression of different points of view about the Design world.  All year around you will find several teams in all the world’s top cities and luxury destinations composed of international designers who love to write and journalists specialized in Design who love to travel and experience all the world’s hottest design spots in person and share it exclusively with Luxury & Design lovers worldwide.Coveted edition may be found in all the top Design Events worldwide and in the world’s major cities.
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