Discover Architecture Design At Its Peak: Wilson Associates

  Iconic and diverse, that’s the motto of Wilson Associates, luxury interior design leaders. With 10 studios around the world, their focus relies on providing the best services in the fields of architectural design, concept development, art, branding, food & beverage etc. They continuously aim at developing the best design with inspiring environments around the […]

Happy Ending Architecture Design with Archbutik

  With a degree in architecture, the multi-talented design firm from Moscow, Russia, is here to help you with your dreamlike project.  They work with several business lines from architecture, to decoration and interior design. CovetED exists to tell you all about it!     Archbutik bets on a contemporary approach, giving attention to every […]

Fantasy Ride with Anna Donskova Design Studio

  The functionality of design without leaving the fantasy aside. That’s how CovetED labels Anna Donskova project, an imagination playground for children, breaking barriers and age-appropriate marks.     She’s a symbol of design excellence in Russia. The leader and owner of the famous Anna Donskova Design Studio pretends to create impact with her ideas […]

Top Interior Designers: Meet Angelika Prudnikova

Angelika Prudnikova is the mastermind behind the incredible Studio Of Elite Interiors. The brand exists for more than 15 years and it has become a beacon for interior design solutions in inspirations in Russia and all over the world. Angelika Creates unique designs that strike as beautiful, luxurious and exuberant, and for that and many […]

AB + Partners: Unique Design Concepts for All

  For those who believe in excellence, CovetED has found proof of its existence. The architecture and design office AB + Partners exists to create the best architectural and design projects.     Founded by the architect Alexandrin Buraga in 2015, the company immediately set their ambitions high, having produced many stunning projects that are […]

Nendo Just Released A Sustainability Design Collection For Emeco

Japanese studio Nendo has released a new version of its environmentally friendly SU stool for Emeco, adding an interchangeable cork seat to the design.  The material is lightweight, resilient and can be harvested every ten years without causing lasting damage to the trees. CovetED brings you once more, the latest trends in interior design, keep […]

A Look at the Remarkable Style of Interior Designer Axel Vervoordt!

Axel Vervoordt has always been highly regarded for his peculiar tastes when it comes to interior design. Known by many for being an antiquarian who has a peculiar relationship with classic art and antiques, he applies that very same interest in the projects he tackles. In the designer’s logic, a home needs to be surrounded by […]

The Wonderful London Restaurant Designed by Spagnulo & Partners

Giannino Dal 1899 is a very famous luxury restaurant which started its business in Milan. Its interior decoration and cuisine is the perfect reflection of the Italian quality in both these areas, which made this a very popular choice for those who visited the city of fashion. Now over 120 years after opening, the business […]

Dining Room Décor Inspired by the Visionary Of Interior Design, Kelly Hoppen

Renowned interior designer Kelly Hoppen has spent her career helping stars like Madonna, Elton John and the Beckhams make the most of their homes. As well as running her successful interior design label, Kelly also has a jewellery line on QVC and has penned nine design books. In addition to homes, she’s designed yachts, jets, hotels, […]

CaberlonCaroppi: Discover the Symbiotic Design of this Company!

CaberlonCaroppi is a unique design studio focused on a symbiotic approach whenever they take on a new design challenge. This is a company with an aim at making unique styles, histories and atmospheres work together with every new project. They are in high regards for having the ability to make people live in the moment […]

The Best of Stockholm Design Week

  As you already know, the Scandinavian design was at its peak and we can only blame Stockholm Design Week. Workshops, seminars, meetings between designers, architects and buyers, exhibitions… everything influenced the success of the event. In Coveted, we are happy to share everything we know about the best moments, stay with us!     […]

A Strong Iconography Identity: Design Projects By STUDIOPEPE

Whether it is a unique private residence or a creative interior design project for a retail store, Studiopepe’s design projects are recognizable by their strong iconographic identity. This Milan-based design studio not only creates impressive residential designs but also unique commercial projects and even their own furniture collections. As usual CovetED brings you one more […]

This Inspirational Ebook Is What You Need For Your Interior Design Project

  We are living in a time where everybody wants to be perceived for their difference, it is crucial to look beyond the obvious. It is fundamental to bring this same difference to our home as well. As a way to start 2020, our first resolution is to offer you solutions for every home division: […]

S&P: Discover more About the Design of SPAGNULO & PARTNERS

Spagnulo & Partners is the perfect example of a company with an entire focus on using Italy’s world-renowned strengths in high-quality interior craftsmanship. This results not only in their incredible reputation but also in some incredible design solutions that give an amazing name to the “Made in Italy” concept. CovetED will be taking you through […]

Be Inspired By Andrea Castrignano’s Top Interior Design Projects

CovetED is here to let you know one more name in the interior design world. Are you ready? Being one of the most influential persons in the Italian design industry, the interior designer, creative and presenter has put the concept of tailor-made at the centre of his career. Discover more about his unique design approach […]

Stefano Boeri’s Architecture Projects Presents An Eco-Friendly Design

  The renowned Italian architect became one of the biggest symbols of Eco-friendly concept thanks to his inspiring modern architecture projects that are filled with green spaces! With offices in Shangai and Tirana, his Milan-based architecture studio has created some of the most beautiful modern architecture projects! Are you ready to be inspired? Follow CovetED […]

Milan Design Week 2020: Where to Go Around the City!

Milan Design Week 2020 is coming very soon, and there are many expectations around the surprises around the city each year. Every year there are many places to go during the whole period, and there are a couple of essential areas which become more colourful. CovetED will be showing you the main areas you can check out […]

European Elegance in Interior Design, This is Quincoces-Dragò

The Milan-based interior design firm, helmed by husband-and-wife team David Lopez Quincoces and Fanny Bauer Grung, puts the focus on accessibility. Quincoces-dragò is part of a new generation of Italian designers who are emerging with a language of their own. With their very own and particular style. They Favot neutral hues and natural materials and avow […]

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