Have a look at the work of Katerina Goodwill a Top Russian Designer

Katerina Goodwill, a top and highly promising Russian Interior Designer that is conquering a strong space within the Russian Interior Design Industry with her own Design Studio: The Goodwill Design Studio. CovetED will be introducing you to her style, career and company of her creation through this amazing interview.     In an informal setting, the first question that we had for […]

Know the work of 10 top amazing Russian Interior Designers

Russia is definitely one of the biggest countries in the world and that means it’s also one of the main spots for many bespoke interior designers to flush out their talents. CovetED will be taking you on a little tour throughout this huge country with both a rich historical value and some luxury talents that definitely manage […]

Zaha Hadid Architects Set to Built Philharmonic Concert Hall in Russia

Zaha Hadid Architects Set to Built Philharmonic Concert Hall in Russia ⇒ The internationally acclaimed architecture practice, Zaha Hadid Architects has been chosen to design the new Sverdlovsk Philharmonic Concert Hall in Yekaterinburg, Russia. The group of architects led by Patrik Schumacher were selected after an arduous international design competition that was organised by the […]

Discover the Fascinating Work of the Best Interior Designers in Russia

Discover the Fascinating Work of the Best Interior Designers in Russia ⇒ Have you ever been to Russia? Well, CovetED would like to direct our readers to the extraordinary world of interior design as well as the creators involved in the progress of design in Eastern Europe. This part of the world is full of bright imagination, […]

The Unique Artya Son of a Gun Russian Roulette Blue Blood

In this article, we will explore the latest piece from the Swiss watch company, Artya. The Artya Son of a Gun Russian Roulette Blue Blood is a unique watch significantly inspired, as the name indicates, on the Russian Roulette game. The avant-garde brand took watchmaking to new extremes as this innovative and luxurious timepiece has […]

Luxury Goods Maker Mobiado’s Professional 3 GCB Great Empires Russia

Do you think that your mobile phone is the most precious one? Then think once more after seeing this mesmerizing mobile phone! The Professional 3 GCB is the newest and dearest product of Canada-based luxury goods producer, Mobiado. This great piece is the advanced member of Great Empires collection, the new luxury smartphone is shining with its […]

Have a look at the Inspirational Design of Maria Borovskaia!

Meet Maria Borovskaia, a top Russian interior designer that has been delivering us the most amazing interior settings you’ll ever get to admire! Her luxurious interiors are meant to impress every interior design aficionado, that lives for the exquisite lifestyle. CovetED is proud to present an exclusive and friendly conversation with this top luxurious interior designer!     The interior […]

Be Inspired by the Amazing Design Skills Of Iuliia Sheipunas

Are you ready to be inspired by the amazing design skills of Iuliia Sheipunas? The designer is a newcomer to the Moscow design scene, but she’s already making some waves in this cosmopolitan city that has a strong passion for luxury design! She recently moved from Krasnoyarsk to Moscow to jumpstart her Design Career and, so far, she’s been […]

Cultural Fusion Is The Interior Design Trend You Must Follow

We are all inspired by what and who they see online and this goes beyond whatever culture they are living in. Cultural Fusion is an interior design trend that shows the rise of a truly global consumer, that is redefining their identity in countries all over the world. Join CovetED and discover how to introduce this […]

Be Inspired by the Amazing Interior Design of Polina Pidstan

Meet the talented interior designer Polina Pidstand, whose incredible interior design skills have wowed Russian design lovers. Since 2008 that she has been impressing many interior design aficionados through her incredible and authentic projects. Today, CovetED unveils some of the most exquisite interior design projects, as well as a great conversation about the designer and her aspirational […]

A Deeper look at the Inspiring Interiors of Katerina Lashmanova

Meet Katerina Lashmanova, one of Russia’s top interior designers today! This young and massively talented interior design features an amazing professional journey throughout her years within this industry. With a breathtaking and extremely luxurious style, she establishes the most incredible interiors, that are able to impress every interior design aficionado. CovetED will be taking you through a deeper look […]

Bathroom Inspirations: 5 Incredible Mirrors to Enhance your Decor

Summertime is the perfect time for you to enhance your bathroom decor, and aside from the washbasin or the bathtub, there is also an element that definitely has its share of weight when it comes to the quality of the decoration: mirrors. The mirror tends to be one of the first elements that many people […]

Living Room Inspirations: Learn how to properly Light up any Room

Light is an essential element for our well being regardless of where we are. Any quality decoration has the right amount of illumination inserted within, balancing natural and artificial lighting. There are some essential steps for you to take into account when decorating your home, and this includes the living room. With that in mind, CovetED will […]

Robert Couturier: an “Experimenteur” on Traditional Design Landscape

Meet Robert Couturier, an incredible interior designer that stands out for its most amazing projects. The designer made history in 1987 when the billionaire financier Sir James Goldsmith trusted him with the re-conception, execution, and continuous embellishment of Goldsmith’s 20,000-acre kingdom on the Pacific Coast of Mexico. CovetED will be introducing you to this traditional designer who still maintains […]

Meet Lemonbe: a Good Design firm if you want to Revamp the bathroom

Lemonbe is a Mexican design firm that creates everything from colourful living spaces to fashion-inspired projects, in order to connect you with some positive vibes through the right colour tones! Inspired by the personality and lifestyle of each client, this interior design firm seeks to be the first firm to create amazing contemporary design projects full of colour and positive feelings. CovetED will now be introducing you […]

Enter into the Inspiring Design World of Comité De Proyectos

Founded in 2014 by Andrea Flores and Lucía Soto, the Mexico City-based interior and furniture design studio offers a unique aesthetic approach and a group of spatial solutions that encourage the dynamics of integration between individuals and living spaces. Find out more about their amazing design studio, in this exclusive interview that CovetED brings you today.     Comité De Proyectos’ inspiring contemporary projects have […]

A Deeper Look at the Incredible Interiors and Projects of AB Concept

AB Concept was founded in 1999 by Ed Ng and Terence Ngan, a designer and architect duo who together have throughout their career made a remarkable impact in the world of luxury design. The company has become a well-respected name in hospitality, wellness, F&B, commercial and residential properties.  CovetED will be bringing you an exclusive interview which will give […]

Get To Know Richard Mishaan, A Leader In Interior Design From NYC

Richard Mishaan is one of the interior design leaders in NYC. For 25 years, his design company has been revolutionizing every interior, from residential, hospitality to commercial settings. Selected many times as AD 100 and Elle Décor A-List, CovetED is about to unravel the exclusive interview with the amazing design expert.     Meet Richard Mishaan, a world […]

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