Yudin and Novikov Are Shaking Up The Russian Design World

The amazing design studio Yudin and Novikov has been creating architectural and interior solutions for over 20 years already, with a portfolio that features many ingenious design projects of private accommodations, elite country residences, restaurants, premium-class offices and yachts. CovetED brings you more about this incredible team!     Andrey Yudin and Konstantin Novikov both graduated […]

Andrei Dmitriev: A Russian Designer, Collector and Dealer

Interior designer, antique collector and dealer, and photographer from Saint Petersburg, Andrei Dmitriev is an amazing interior designer passionate about the classic design trends from the Belle Époque. This tendency of his is pretty evident in many of his interior design projects. CovetED will be taking you through a little intro inside of this interior designer’s work and inspo.   […]

Discover a True Russian Design Force: Geometrix

Geometrix consists of a company founded by design duo Elen and Michel. They are mostly focused on the areas regarding apartments and private residences, offices, and bars, restaurants, and cafes, lofts and penthouses. Thirteen years later, with eight years included as a couple, the pair have conquered an amazing reputation beyond Russia. CovetED will be introducing you to […]

Russian Bespoke Interior Designer PHD Philosophy of Design

Russia is, without any doubts, one of the biggest countries in the world. But when you think about Russia, you probably don’t think about it as one of the main spots for bespoke interior designers. But the truth is that, in the most recent years, we have realized that that thought is completely mistaken. Currently, Russia […]

Tatyana Myronova On Top Of Russian’s Best Designers

Tatyana Myronova, is famous for her exquisite luxury interiors in the American Neoclassical style. So today, CovetED Magazine honours her as part of the Russian’s best interior designers, presenting this eccentric and enchanting design project. The design of this apartment is not experimental. Instead, it is a reflection of the outstanding personality of the apartment’s owner – Giya Eradze, Director of […]

Anna Sakharova, One of Russia’s Best Interior Designers

Anna Sakharova is an esteemed and successful interior designer within the Russian industry. And if you are questioning yourself what Russia has to do with interior design, you need to read this article immediately. Nowadays, Russia is on the map of interior design industry as powerful and influential. Several talented interior designers, worldwide recognized, have chosen to settle […]

Interior Design Inspiration from Russian Evgeny and Irina Patrushevy

Evgeny and Irina Patrushevy are a Russian interior design duo truly devoted to the Design Industry. For some decades now, they have been designing some of the most impressive design projects in Russia. They are worldwide esteemed for their architectural and design approach, fot their passion for design and creative inspirations, always visible in their entire […]

Alexandra Fedorova Is A Master of Russian Design

Alexandra Fedorova is a Russian interior designer born in Moscow that has an extensive background in architecture, being quite the accomplished artist in the field. Having worked in institutions, such as UB Design Studio, SUE Moscow Research and Mosproekt 4, the gifted architect and designer has managed her own architectural bureau since 2004, being specialised in […]

Discover Dom-A Casa Ricca, An Incredible Russian Design Studio

Maria Silver and Sergey Makushev are the ones behind Dom-A Casa Ricca, a Russian design studio that is here to keep up with the modern times of interior design in the most clever, ways while maintaining the luxury and simple upbringing in their interior design projects. Providing a guided journey in all ranges of architecture and […]

Have a look at the work of Katerina Goodwill a Top Russian Designer

Katerina Goodwill, a top and highly promising Russian Interior Designer that is conquering a strong space within the Russian Interior Design Industry with her own Design Studio: The Goodwill Design Studio. CovetED will be introducing you to her style, career and company of her creation through this amazing interview.     In an informal setting, the first question that we had for […]

Know the work of 10 top amazing Russian Interior Designers

Russia is definitely one of the biggest countries in the world and that means it’s also one of the main spots for many bespoke interior designers to flush out their talents. CovetED will be taking you on a little tour throughout this huge country with both a rich historical value and some luxury talents that definitely manage […]

Zaha Hadid Architects Set to Built Philharmonic Concert Hall in Russia

Zaha Hadid Architects Set to Built Philharmonic Concert Hall in Russia ⇒ The internationally acclaimed architecture practice, Zaha Hadid Architects has been chosen to design the new Sverdlovsk Philharmonic Concert Hall in Yekaterinburg, Russia. The group of architects led by Patrik Schumacher were selected after an arduous international design competition that was organised by the […]

Discover the Fascinating Work of the Best Interior Designers in Russia

Discover the Fascinating Work of the Best Interior Designers in Russia ⇒ Have you ever been to Russia? Well, CovetED would like to direct our readers to the extraordinary world of interior design as well as the creators involved in the progress of design in Eastern Europe. This part of the world is full of bright imagination, […]

The Unique Artya Son of a Gun Russian Roulette Blue Blood

In this article, we will explore the latest piece from the Swiss watch company, Artya. The Artya Son of a Gun Russian Roulette Blue Blood is a unique watch significantly inspired, as the name indicates, on the Russian Roulette game. The avant-garde brand took watchmaking to new extremes as this innovative and luxurious timepiece has […]

Luxury Goods Maker Mobiado’s Professional 3 GCB Great Empires Russia

Do you think that your mobile phone is the most precious one? Then think once more after seeing this mesmerizing mobile phone! The Professional 3 GCB is the newest and dearest product of Canada-based luxury goods producer, Mobiado. This great piece is the advanced member of Great Empires collection, the new luxury smartphone is shining with its […]

Happy Ending Architecture Design with Archbutik

  With a degree in architecture, the multi-talented design firm from Moscow, Russia, is here to help you with your dreamlike project.  They work with several business lines from architecture, to decoration and interior design. CovetED exists to tell you all about it!     Archbutik bets on a contemporary approach, giving attention to every […]

Fantasy Ride with Anna Donskova Design Studio

  The functionality of design without leaving the fantasy aside. That’s how CovetED labels Anna Donskova project, an imagination playground for children, breaking barriers and age-appropriate marks.     She’s a symbol of design excellence in Russia. The leader and owner of the famous Anna Donskova Design Studio pretends to create impact with her ideas […]

Top Interior Designers: Meet Angelika Prudnikova

Angelika Prudnikova is the mastermind behind the incredible Studio Of Elite Interiors. The brand exists for more than 15 years and it has become a beacon for interior design solutions in inspirations in Russia and all over the world. Angelika Creates unique designs that strike as beautiful, luxurious and exuberant, and for that and many […]

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